Thursday, 17 April 2008

What I've been up to!

Hello everyone, so I thought today I show you some of the costumes we've been working on. The drawings were done by Tracey, the thoughts and ideas are from Cathie and Caroline. My job is to put everything onto computer and type up all the instructions. These and just a very few of the costumes. The 2 at the top our for the ice ballet. They are a classic tutu, which is trimed with silver droplets and the dots on the skirt will be sequins, all sewn on one at a time. Then there a headdress of pearls, and of course their ballet tight and either ballet or pointe shoes. Lucky for the Mums (me included) the trim is in a strip to sew on. Both my girls are having this first one. The longer tutu is called a romantic tutu, and has the same to be put on it, but loads more sequins!

The costumes on the bottom are the sailors for Tap, the youngest 4 and 5 year old are wearing the skirts and all the other kids in the trousers. For the tapping all 200 pupils will at one point be on the stage at one time!!!!!!!!

The next costume is for the pirates, there is only about 13 pirates and my Nicki is one, I'm not looking forward to making this costume. I only started sewing costumes 2 years ago, when my normal lady stopped and I couldn't afford to get my costumes done, so borrow friends machine and got going. I'm not good, but it get by for a show costume.

And the last one on the right is for the Aqua ballet. The colours on this costume are beautiful, all shimmer blue, silvers and really pretty.

So thats some of what I've been doing and why I'm not doing many cards, today is another day spent on computer sorting more costumes and hopefully I might get a few more children turn up for fittings of leotards, catsuits and tutu etc etc.

Sorry if I haven't been to your blogs lately, I have tried, but I will be back to normal soon I hope lol. Happy crafting xxxx


Debbie said...

Fab costumes It looks like you have a lot of work ahead

nessy said...

wow vicki!! what fab costumes you have all come up with!!
lots of work for you!!
hugs vanessa xx