Monday, 26 May 2008

An award

Well I'm so chuffed I've got an award from Vanessa my bestest crafting friend. I must admit she gave it too me an age ago, but I've been soooo busy I nearly forgot about it. I would like to give it back to Vanessa and all those of you that I visit and who visit my blog. I love looking and getting more ideas and wonder at the amazing cards you come up with. With all your help, my own cards are coming on slowly. Thank you all, and thanks for putting up with me later, when I've been so busy with costumes. Happy crafting Vicki oxo's

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron

Good evening everyone, well another busy week doing costumes. I have taken some more photos but have to wait for my Nicki to take them off the camera and onto the computer for me. She's been feeling so poorly this week and has been fighting on. She is on her last week at collage before all her final A level exams. Plus she is doing loads of extra rehearsals for the show, and extra teaching again for the show. So I think she's a bit run down. Hopefully she'll be a lot better after next weeks half term. Again I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting you all. But I'm getting to the end of costumes so hopefully another week or so and I'll be finished. big hugs to you all happy crafting Vicki oxo's

This card was done for a very special boy Aaron (Vanessa's eldest). Was so hard to think of something for him. I know he loves Dr Who, so my Nicola took a photo of Aaron and added it first to a picture of all the Doctors, then for the inside she put Aaron face on a picture of the Dr. The papers I used were from a QVC tsv, along with the card. Then finished off with Aaron's name and age using Quickutz letters.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Blogger Friday Sketch

Well hello everyone, I've been so busy with costumes, I haven't had time to craft. But I had to get some done for work. I found this new challenge as you can see I enjoyed it so much I did 3 cards. 2 for the kids at work and another one for Christmas. Again sorry I haven't been around a lot I will try to get round to see all your wonderful blogs soon. I'm really missing seeing all your beautiful cards. So keep up the good work, so I have loads to see once I'm back. hugs vicki oxo's

For these card I used Papercraft Inspirations paper. And paper from QVC TSV. All images are painted with watercolour paints. Then I added Flower from Noleen, punched out balloons, and finally star gems.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sorry I'm not around and Aoife's card

Hi all, I'm so sorry I'm so busy with costumes, I don't know when I will get back to daily blogging. Please forgive me if I haven't put a comment of your blog for a long time. I've taken on so much. My list is 5 Cloaks, 8 pairs of sailors trousers, 11 sailors collars, 3 sailors skirts, 3 petticoats, 2 Aqua ballet outfits, 2 pirates outfits, 1 pair of boys ballet trousers, 1 Poet shirt and finally I Pierrot costume. Now I've finished 6 items so I'm doing ok. But this is the reason I'm not about, I need to get them all done as soon as poss. Would help if Mum's would hurry up buying the material, but hay ho. Again please forgive me I will be back soon, I'm missing my crafting table and I'm fed up already of hoovering up cotton lol. Take care enjoy your crafting big hugs oxo's Vicki I did this card a few weeks ago, but only posting it now as Aoife has had her birthday now. For this card I used Papercraft Inspirations paper, pink card. Papermania rub ons and pink ribbon. The image is painted with watercolours.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Tilda and Friends challenge

For this card I thought I'd nick the Tilda and Friends ATC challenge, which is bugs. I've just been looking at so many good Blogs with this challenge on and thought ok I'll put it on a card. I've made it for Jodie at work. It's not her birthday til the end of the month so I'm ahead of myself for a change. I used Papermania paper, then added gardening Tilda with a snail and ladybug.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Anto in his costumes

This is Anto, in the 2 costumes I've made for him. The first one is for a quary person, and there will be times on the stage when only one side of the costume is shown, so good for effect. Then the other costume is for a death song hence the look on his face lol. So this is what I've been busy doing for the last few days. And I still have loads to do. So I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and not stuck in like me, tied to the sewing machine boo hoo. So little time and so many things to make. Sunny hugs x Vicki x

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Meet ---------- Bishop

Good morning everyone, I'm up sooooo early this morning, I just can't sleep. My head is full of 101 things. Like remember navy cotton, get more pins, take Jo's measurements, sort Millie's sequins etc etc etc lol. So I finally gave up trying to sleep at 4am.
So this little fellow is going to be the newest member to our family come 7th July. He/she (not sure yet) will be 2 weeks old on Sunday and is black with a white chin, paws and the very tip of it's tail Arrrrrrr! Mandy was made up yesterday and is sooooo happy. If you could of seen her little face. When the woman opened the door and we walked in she said oooo This is Mum, as the Mother cat walked by us. But as Mandy thought I was going to do a costume fitting, she told us later in the car, she thought what a strange name for a Cat lol. I then told her that we'd come to look at a kitten. Well come on you all know that look on a child face when they are sooooo pleased, excited, chuffed etc, ooooo it was priceless. The kitten will be ready to leave it's Mum at the end of June, but we've asked the lady to keep it until after the show, as with rehearsal etc we'll be out of the house loads. So the day after the show -------- Bishop will come home. So now for names we can't choose yet, but think we have a short list of Minstrels, Humbug, Spats (like the tap shoes) Jess (postman pat) Domino or maybe Jazz or Jazzy. Any ideas? If you can think of any good ideas I'd be grateful. Well have a great day, enjoy the sun again if it's out. Moon still out here lol. hugs for now Vicki oxo's

Friday, 9 May 2008

2 I made earlier

OOooo what a day yesterday, so hectic. The weather was beautiful and I think everyone I saw was in a good mood. Even my big big boss who popped into the kitchen to see us.
I've found a kitten for July, I'm so excited because we're going to see it tonight (don't know the sex yet). Mandy doesn't know anything about it yet. I'm going to surprise her tonight. I was soooo tempted to tell her last night, as she had another bad attack. And she looked so poorly, but hopefully the new inhalers will kick in soon and she'll be more managed. So tomorrow I hopefully will be posting photos of our new kitten. It's only a week old, so might not take any photos if it will upset Mum or babies. Well this morning I'm going to be making costumes, so no cards for me today or tomorrow. I hope where ever you are the sun is shinning on you and you all have a fab day doing all the things you enjoy hugs for now Vicki oxo's This card was done for Vanessa, just to say hi and what a good friend she is. I sent it to her with some card which I'm hoping will be good for HER watercolouring. The layout is the My paper world challenge I've got one of these layouts on my blog already, done for a boy. But this one was done first, but I couldn't post before Vanessa got it lol. For this card I used Papermania Raspberry champagne papers, some pearl pink card. Then I added some stamped corners and little saying. The tilda is painted with watercolour paints and finally I added Quickutz love heart sweets.

I did this card for Noleen, as a little thank-you for the lovely goodies she sent me. For this I used a c6 card then added the square with the image on to the top. For the papers I used were from papercraft inspirations. The image is painted with watercolour paints and finally adding a white ribbon and the little saying was also from papercraft inspirations.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ismak challenge 18

Well I hope we're all enjoying the sunshine. Doesn't it make you feel good to see the sun. And I'm very sad, but isn't it nice to get on top of all the washing. Getting it washed and dried in one day. I'm finding it very hot at work. In the kitchen, while we've got the food out, we're not to have the windows open, and also we have long trousers, closed in shoes and a hairnet and hat, phew! But so lovely when we get changed for going home. Well I hope you are all getting loads of crafting done, enjoy the sun, hugs x Vicki x For this card I used the Ismak Challenge 18 another great challenge. I really enjoy their sketches. For the paper on this card I used Papermania Raspberry Champagne collections. added pink ribbon and the little girls name and age with Quickutz letters. The image was one Noleen sent me which I painted with watercolours. Finally adding 3 mini gold gems and 2 silver gems. This card is for one of our new children in the Nursery and she's a real little sweetheart, and loves pink, hence sooooo much pink.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Boys card for work

Well funny old day yesterday. Got soooo much done, finished the first lot of ordering for costumes. Made a pair of trousers for a costume. And went to see about getting a rescue cat. Boo hoo we can't have a rescue cat because we haven't got our own garden. Well yes I know they have rules, but how many cats do you know that stay in their own garden. Hay ho means we're on the look out for a kitten. Have about 9 weeks to find one, and I've put the word out. Someones got to know someone with an expecting cat. Well happy crafting everyone, I'm off to blog hop, big hugs x Vicki x This card was done for a little boy at school. He's going to be 6 so was lucky that there are 6 candles. For this card I used Dovecraft Papers, and painted the image with watercolours. Then finally I added Quickutz letter for Charlie's name. They do like there names on the card.

This is another card I've done for one of the boys at work. Seems to be a run on birthdays for the boys at the moment. For this card I used Papercraft Inspirations papers, the image is one that Noleen sent me. Then I added quickutz sign post, with papermania rubons, then finally added quickutz letters for Ashley's name.

Monday, 5 May 2008

My Paper World Sketch 9

I've done this sketch twice today, but can only post one at the moment because someone who the other card is for might see it. I did their card first, and enjoyed the sketch so much I thought I'd do it again. For this card I used Dovecraft Papers, adding Papermania rubons to the circles. Then I painted the image with watercolour paints. Why don't you pop and see the sketch and others cards to They have some brill sketch in the older posts.
Well I can hear the girls nearly killing each other in the bedroom. OOOO sometimes!!!!!! They were little angels yesterday, helping me with costumes. I made a floor length cape with Hood yesterday, this one is for Anto. I have at the moment another 3 of these to do, but I'm waiting for the Mums to get the material. It was an easy make, but so heavy with all the material, I used over 5 meters. This afternoon I'm going to tackle a Pierot costumes in Flo Gold and Fuchsia wow! Think it's going to look great. Hope you all have a good day, enjoy the extra day off work, lovely. hugs x Vicki x

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Happy May Day

Well haven't been around for a few days, been sooo busy sorting dance stuff, and it will be like this until July, so if I don't pop by to see you in a while please pop a nagging comment on my blog and I'll promise I'll come and see your blog. I hope you're all going to enjoy the May bank holiday, is anyone going to watch a mayday pole dance I haven't seen one of those in years. Lovely to see little ones doing it all dressed up. Well whatevery your doing over the weekend have a good one hugs for now oxo's

I did this card for Pauline at work, her sister got married yesterday, so I hope she liked her card from Pauline. The colour theme for the wedding was blue, so tried to keep to that colour. I painted the image with watercolour paints, then added to the blue flower paper I got from google and a sort of sky blue paper I've had for ever. I printed the words from computer then added Quickutz champage flutes and heart bubbles.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ismak challenge 17

Hello all, well another week nearly over, where does the time go. Mandy has the day off because her school is a Polling Station, so she's taking it easy, well that's what she said lol. This afternoon we're off to the hospital, not sure what they will say hopefully we'll get the inhalers sorted, had forgotten how poorly she could get with her asthma, since her doctor put the inhalers up. So really not sure if they will put her back up, of weather they will say it was just one of those things. I'll let you know tomorrow. So I'm off to sort a wedding card, for one of the girls at work. Have a good day hugs Vicki oxo's

For this card I used the Ismaki Challenge 17 Lovely new layout, although I didn't do one part. To be honest I didn't see it the first time I look at the sketch. So I will do another card with the full layout. For this card I used Papercraft Inspritations papers, Added white paper printed on the computer, then painted Tilda with watercolour paints. Then added 3 shells on blue elastic. (shells from ELC). Another great fun sketch, so now to do again but with extra bit I missed out lol.