Monday, 30 June 2008

A red white and Blue challenge

I'm on a roll today, 2 posting in one day. Saw this challenge this morning and thought I'd give it a go, seeing my daughter wanted a card for a friend today! This challenge came from Stamp something Challenge and was to use red, white and blue. It was anything but a card, but I did a card, because I needed a card, hay ho. I can't believe I didn't use any papers, a first for me. Plus I didn't have any that really fitted. I used red card for the Quickutz frame, added blue and while brads. Then Quickutz letters, then added 3 different ribbons. Finally added Tilda painted with watercolours. I did enjoy this challenge, why don't you give it a go. I'm off to work now, hope you all have a busy crafty day big hugs Vicki oxo's

Friday Sketchers 8

Well I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I know I have. I've had a truely me weekend. I've sorted the house, got up to date with all those horrible jobs and got things sorted for Jazz's (the new kitten) arrival next week. I didn't even go into dance, because if I just drop the girls there is always one or two Mums that grab me about costumes or the show. So naughty me stayed at home. My bits done now, back to being just a Mum, or it is until Thursday Tech and dress rehearsal and then Sunday the SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooo can't wait now.

So over the weekend I've had great fun sorting my crafting table, getting to know my stuff again, it's been a while. I picked up my revolution from the shop where it's been fixed. And then made cards. One of which was this one-

For this card I used the Friday Sketchers challenge no. 8 I used Paper from my stash and an image given to me all done from Vanessa. I used stronger colours for this card as it's for my MIL and she's not got that good a sight. I finished off with Quickutz flowers with added brad.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Had a great night out

Steve and I were invited out for Cathie's birthday last night so had to do quick card. I did this card at about 5.30am yesterday morning. It was lovely, so peaceful and didn't have to worry about phone going or one of the girls wanting something. I really love purple so did this to my colours as not that sure what Cathie's colours are. I used downloaded papers added Tilda painted with watercolours then finished with a ribbon and buttons which have white tread in and finally added Happy Birthday.
Well Steve and I haven't been out in an age. We're not going out sort of people, but we had a great night at a local pub. Where freinds of Cathie's were playing in their band. The singer was amazing. I've heard her before and she has that kind of voice that makes the hair on the back of your neck raise. And at one point I was dancing with a drunk Miss Cathie (she's my girls dance teacher) round handbags. OOOOO yes that's bad and I felt dreadful as I don't drink so handbags were so there!!!! lol. No really a great night, cut a bit short as Steve had to start work at midnight. And we've promised ourselves that we'll go out next time they have an open gig ooooo get me, one night and I'm talking the talk lol.
Well I'm off to get some crafting done. No dance for me this weekend hooray! Have a great weekend everyone. big hugs oxo's Vicki

Friday, 27 June 2008

Ismaki challenge 25

Well it's been another busy and funny week. I've not touched the sewing machine all week which is heaven. But I've been on the phone all week, sorting out costumes with Mum's that weren't just so. Most have been lovely, but a couple have been horrid. And one that hadn't done the 2 costumes she had at all. Told me she was far too busy to be making costumes. OOOO don't get me started lol. You all know how many I've been doing! But it's all sorted now and she did say sorry!
Also I booked an appointment for my Steve, because he's been having pains in his pacemaker site. He's only had the pacemaker 10 months, so they think it's when the pacemaker kicks in, he can feel the electic currant. Should settle more over the next year. Mind you a bit of a shock, when told that on average his heart is stopping twice a day. Thank Goodness for the pacemaker. To think this time last year he was running about 80 miles a week. He still runs, but is not back to his normal pace yet. No time at moment tooooooo busy with making ships for the show lol.
Well it's been sooooo lovely getting back to my crafting and hopping around looking at your blogs. There has been some amazing cards done by you all while I've had my back turned. Well done to you all, Have a great day, enjoy the sun big hugs oxo's Vicki

I've done this card using the Ismaki challenge 25 I used paper from a wedding pad then added flowers (from Noleen) and brads. Image was painted with watercolours and finally I added peel off and a little bit of glitter on the flowers.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cup cake challenge 21

Well I'm on a roll, 2 cards in 2 days. For this card I did the Cup cake Challenge 21 For this I used card and paper from a QVC tsv. Then added stamped image (one that Vanessa sent me) painted with watercolour paints. Added black ribbon and different coloured brad. Finally adding Josh's name. This is for a very special little boy who's going to be 7 today. And has every member of staff wraped round his finger. And I'm well chuffed as he's just learnt to say my name. He's coming on so much and is also learning to walk so coming on in leaps and bounds. Well done Josh and I think it's 2 puddings today lol.

Happy crafting everyone. Enjoy your day hugs Vicki oxo's

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Friday Sketchers 7

For my first card in ages I've chosen to do the Friday sketchers I've used paper from my stash and some velum. It doesn't show up well, but you can see the dots under the velum a bit better on the card itself. I added Edwin painted with watercolours. Then stamped Happy Birthday and then added TommyLee's name with Quickutz letters.

Well I can't tell you how good it feels to be posting a card. I'm finally coming to the end of costumes. Dress rehearsal was Sunday and most costumes were brill. Have to phone some Mums just to do a few odd bits, but myself the sewing machine is away phew! My Nicki counted up that I made 53 costumes oooo my goodness I knew I'd done loads. No wonder I had no time for crafting. So now it's count down to the show itself, which in on the 6th July. I can't wait, and then on the 7th July Jazz our new kitten will arrive at our house. So it's all calm and I'm back to blogging everyday (I hope lol). Thank you all for putting up with me while I've been busy. I've had some great comments left when I've posted. I will now try and visit all your blogs. big hugs oxo's Vicki

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Cute card Thursday Challenge 14

Well as you know I haven't been doing many cards because of the show. But I had to do a card for Mandy's friend. And after visiting Andrea's blog and seeing her great card I thought I'd do the Cute card Thursday Challenge 14. The challenge is to use 3 different embellishments. So for this card I used ribbon on the ballet shoes and between the papers, pink gems on the ballet skirt and different beads on elastic for the side. So a real girly card for her dance friend. I used paper from my stash and painted the image with watercolours. Then added Quickutz ballet shoes, and letters.

I don't think I'll be posting much this week as I'm working full time this week. And have final costumes to give out and make for dress rehearsal next Sunday. Then it will hopefully be a huge sign and nothing to do except get excited and take girls to extra rehearsals for the show on the 6th July. Next week at dress rehearsal I will take photo, so you can all see the costumes I've been going on and on about lol. Have a happy crafting week, big hugs Vicki oxo's

Friday, 13 June 2008


Well my Mandy is off to a sleepover tonight. And I needed to do a little present for the little girl. Money a bit short because of all the show stuff. So I thought do a bookmark (idea from Vanessa) then I thought I'd do one of the jars I've been saving for thank you presents for the teachers, when Mandy leaves school in July. I filled the jar with sweet, so even if she doesn't like the jar she'll like the sweets lol.

For both items I used paper I got from QVC then added Tilda's and books painted in watercolours. I added the names with Quickutz letters and hearts. And finished off with matching ribbons. I really enjoyed making these, now to do her card.

Thank you all so much for Bering with me while I've been busy with the show. Only 1 week til dress rehearsal, and 3 weeks til the show!!!!!! Can't wait now, but after dress rehearsal it will be making the scenery. We have 2 giant boats to make!!!!!! Are we mad!!!!!!!! I promise photos of costumes and everything soon. big hugs Vicki oxo's

Monday, 9 June 2008

Friday Sketchers

For these 2 cards I used Friday Sketchers number 5 I decided to do a boy and girl card for a couple of children at work. Who's birthdays are coming up soon. I used paper from my stash along with painted images with watercolours. .
Well I've had the best weekend ever. We gave my 17 year old a surprise pre 18th birthday. As she will be away for her birthday. I invited 14 of her mates round. And she slept round Elise's house. So when she came home the front room was covered with balloons, banners, embarrassing pictures. She walked in and myself, her Dad and sister plus best friend Nat were the only ones there singing. Then half was through "Happy Birthday" the other burst through the door singing as well. She had no idea and was really chuffed. She now has all her new clothes and everything she needs for her holiday in July. And one very happy Mummy, who can't believe my baby is so nearly 18!!!!!! big hugs and enjoy the sun everyone Vicki

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Cards at last!

Well I started the week well with all good thoughts of doing cards everyday. And blogging everyday, but costumes got the better of me and they are taking over my life. But good news is there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel. I've only got 3 pairs of trousers to finish off. Then one pair to alter, pirate trousers, pirates shirt and 2 pirates waistcoats to make. I can't believe it, it's looking good for dress rehearsals on the 22nd. Today I'm off to dance all day to give out the tutu's, leotards, catsuits etc etc that have been in boxes in my front room for what seems like a life time lol. I have my front room back and nearly a dinning room table back.

So all the cards above were done at the beginning of the week, the last 3 were done with last weeks Friday sketch. And the top one is a real quick card for a friend who asked me to knock up a card for her Mum!!!!! I hope you've all had good weeks and have enjoyed some good crafting days. big hugs for now Vicki oxo's

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ismaki challenge 21

These are the 2 cards, I had to finish yesterday. So now they are done now. I used a mixed of papers from my stash. For the Christmas card I added 2 green gems and pre-printed wording for finish off. Then for the birthday card I added computer printed wording "Have a buzzing Birthday". Then finished off with 2 ladybirds that I've had in my little box for years, knew I'd use them someday lol. Well I'm enjoying being back at the cards. Although I still have costumes to do, there doesn't seem such a rush on it all now. This weekend I will be giving out 100's of leotard, tutu and catsuits. I will be so thankful to get rid of all the boxes. But couldn't give out a bit at a time. The rows would of been a nightmare! big hugs and enjoy the sun if it's shinning with you Vicki oxo's

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sharon has some Blog Candy!

Hi all just to let you know Sharon has Blog Candy up for grabs. She also has beautiful cards to look at. So it's worth a visit to her site, if only to have a look. Enjoy x Vicki x

Ismaki challenge 21

My first crafting and card I've done for over a week and it did feel good to be back at my table. For this card I used Ismaki challenge 21. Yes I know it's a week old and the new challenge has been posted, but I didn't want to miss out on a good sketch. I have done 3 of these sketches but I have painted the other 2 yet, so hopefully get those done today ready for posting tomorrow.

For this card I used Paper from my stash. Image was one given to me from Vanessa. I added faux stitching, painted the image with watercolour paints then finally added the flowers.

Hope you are all ok, and doing loads of crafting while our beautiful summer is going on outside!!!!!! Where did the sun go??? big hugs to everyone Vicki oxo's

Sunday, 1 June 2008

A reward and tag from Noleen

Sorry I've not done any cards. I've been busy with costumes and having a cold bug. Back to work tomorrow boo hoo. The best bit about the holidays was having Vanessa, Paul and boys round on Thursday. Was so great to see them all. Happy Crafting, hope to do some crafting this week big hugs Vicki

I've been tagged by Noleen, a real good one too. I love these tags, you find out so much and I love a nosey lol. The rules of the game get posted at the begining. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names and then goes to their blog and posts them a comment letting then know they've been tagged and asks them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer:

1. Ten years ago
Well Ten years ago, I had Mandy coming up for 1 and Nicki nearly 8. My darling Dad was still here, so life was good. I would of been busy being Mum, and spent all my days playing with Mandy and Nicki, once she was home. Then in the evenings off to work at The big Co-op stacking shelves. I meet my best friend Kim there, and we're still the best of friends. We use to have a right laugh at work.
2. Five things in todays to do list;.
Cor I wish I only had 5 things to do.
Well I have costumes to make.
Get stuff ready for work and school tomorrow
Cook a roast
and loads more lol, so why am I typing lol.

3. Snacks i enjoy;.
Anything really and it depends on my mood, but love Marmite crisps, and of course chocolate.
4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire;.
Buy a house which overlooked the sea, with a garden. I live in a flat so a garden would be heaven. Open a craft shop with a creche for husbands, which would have a tv for sport and pool tables etc. So the woman could spend as long as they wanted looking for stuff. I'd build a dance school for Nicki so she could teach in her own school. And while Mandy is only young she'd only like her own room and a flute please. And my husband can be in charge of the creche!
5. Places i have lived;.
Well I've only lived in Portsmouth and I love it, so boring. But I would move closer to the sea bit. Moorings Way would be heaven, sea in the front and nice green at the back.
So that's my answers. I'm only going to pass this on to Vanessa, loads of you have done this already I expect. If you haven't give it a go it's fun.

Well how chuffed was I when I got this Circle of Friends reward from Noleen We've only been talking for a while, but she's great. And her cards are brill. So a big thank you to Noleen. I would like to pass this award on to everyone who visits my blog. Because we're all friends, and you all work so hard at making great work of your blogs. Well done to you all my Friends.