Monday, 18 August 2008

Finally some crafting

I've finally done a little crafting, but it was a case of having to get cards done lol. It's my brothers anniversary and my great niece's birthday. So I did the 2 cards above. The anniversary was just a plain one, because my brother doesn't do fuss. Then I used the Saturday Sketches challenge for last week for the birthday card. I used paper from a download for both cards and added ribbons from Lakeland. I added glitter to Tilda's wings and the wording is from QVC kit.
So the summer holidays are nearly over. And I've done none of the crafting I promise myself. But I have done Mum things and chill things and caught up with friends time. Which has been great.
Went to see Vanessa (nessy notes) yesterday and had a great day. And I came back with loads and loads of stamped images. So I must get on with some cards no excuses lol. I don't know what I'd do without Vanessa. A big thank you to Vanessa and her lovely boys, (including Paul) who gave us all, (me, my Steve and Mandy) a wonderful day. Hope it's not too long before we see each other again. big hugs to all Vicki oxo's

Thursday, 14 August 2008

She's in

Well I'm well a chuffed Mum, Nicki's in Uni. Results were ok, 2D's in Drama and English, and a B in Dance. So we were unsure, but then a letter arrived from Uni, saying your in. I scream and cried. Nicki's crying and on cloud 109 lol. hugs for everyone Vicki oxo's

Mini Album (first double page)

Well I've finally done some crafting this summer holidays. I'm planning on doing a 12 x 12 scrapbook for my best friends 40th birthday. But because I've had to ask for loads of photos she knows what's coming. So as a surprise I'm going to add to the present by adding 3 mini albums which will be just on each of her 3 children. Although Emma is the youngest I've started on her album first. It doesn't look as if I've added much details to the pages, but where they are small anything else I added made it too much. Both these photo were taken the day she was born, so I added all the details. Then added the Sunday's child bit, then die cut flower to tie the pages together. On page 2 was a lot of info so just added small teddy and princess crown. As Emma is a real princess. On a roll now and hoping to do another couple of pages by the end of the week.
Well today is a funny old day, I'm feeling terrible, it's results day for A-levels. My Nicki is getting ready for collage as I type. I really don't mind if she doesn't pass. But Nicki is hoping to go to Uni. She's had the interviews and done the audition etc etc, and has been accepted on that, but of course will need the point to get in. So it's fingers crossed and keep your mouth shut Mum. I made the mistake of saying it didn't matter if she didn't get what she wanted she could resit and apply next year. OOOOO I thought or was trying to say I was proud without the results. She's worked hard and that's all I've ever asked. And seeing that neither me or her Dad did A-levels we're chuffed already. But it means the world to her, so I have the biggest worry belly on. I'll hopefully put another post on later saying what's happened. We might have to wait a few days to hear from her Uni, if it's down to a few little points.
Hope you all have good days and that it doesn't rain too much. Hugs for now oxo's Vicki
oooo put pages in wrong way sorry!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Busy being Mum

Well all my plans in the summer holiday for crafting everyday! What happened? Well it's the girls, yes they sleep till late, but while they sleep I'm tidying and sorting out tea, washing etc etc. Then it's Mandy can you play games with me. So of course I'm playing all sorts, we've even been out and brought battleships and downfall to play. I'm loving spending time with my girls and all the other kids that end up at my place. But one of them seems to have put my crafting head somewhere. Cos I really can't get into crafting at all. The only thing I've been doing is these invites for my best mates birthday in November. And if I'm honest I wasn't really into them. I think that's because I printed off 100 wordings and cut to size then penciled line in both corners for the ribbon. Then put on double sided tape on about 97 before I noticed I'd not changed the phone number on the printing, that Kim had told me I'd done wrong!!!!!!!! lol. I can laugh now, but can you image lol. These invites were just want Kim wanted, I'd wanted to do something more, but she just wanted simple. So it's printed wording from the computer, with added old photo of Kim. Then added the purple ribbon, then the silver ribbon on top. Then stuck onto silver mirror card, and finally adding Quickutz 4 0's. So 100 altogether and I must admit they did look ok. For the tables on the night of the party I'm going to do cards the same with loads of old photo's of Kim. And Kim's making the cake with old photo's too.
Well I hope some of you are crafting away the summer holidays. I'm sorry if I haven't been online and blogging, but I bet you all understand. So happy holidays and may the sun shine at least some of the week please lol. big hugs to all Vicki oxo's

Monday, 4 August 2008

Nicki and Natalie

Well I can't believe it's been nearly a week since my last posting. I've done no crafting. I seem to have lost that head at the moment. And I have so many things I want to do. But I've been busy with Nicki coming home and seeing to Mandy with things to do while on holiday. Plus spending time with 2 of Steve's sisters. Ali is over from Oz to make things nice and spend some time with Cindy before she start cancer treatment. Ali goes home Wednesday and treatment starts the 14th. She's had 2 op some it's the radio and chemo to do now. Today we're all off for our last girly day so no crafting today. I hope you're all busy with your crafting and no-one else has lost there heads lol. I'll try and do a quick hop about now, sorry if I miss you out big hugs and I'm leaving you with a holiday picture of Nicki and Nat. My Nicki's the one with short hair and grey and purple dress. Best friends these 2 are, didn't even have one cross word in 2 weeks, which is a good. Think Nicki was saving everything for Mandy once she settled back in at home lol. big hugs everyone oxo's Vicki