Monday, 31 March 2008

Black and white

This card was an order from work. A card for someone who loves wearing black. You can't see from scaned picture but the bag, headdress, bottom of the shawl and bracklets are glitter, and on the bottom of the dress and the stripes in the shawl have glitter glue on. I'm hoping she'll like it. Off to do quick birthday card for my nephew. Card - Papermania
Paper - Magical moments, ring around the rosie, mono coloured
Stamped image - watercolour paints, glitter glue on bottom of dress and shawl, black glitter on bag and headdress, silver gliter headdress and bracklets.
Finishing bits - Mini black brads, peel off sticer, black ribbon.

Nicki's 15000 hit blog candy!

Nikki is offering some fab blog candy to celebrate 15,000 hits on her blog. Why not pop across and have a
I'll be back later after the maddness of Monday family life, hopefully with some cards, or should I say 1 card. Have a good day every one x
ps anyone who's interested the girls room has been spotless for a week now lol

Sunday, 30 March 2008

for mums blog

Busy few days!

Well these 3 cards were done real quick, My Nicki came home from dance and said "Mum can you do me 3 thank you cards for tomorrow". This was 8pm, but she wanted to thank the 3 girls who performed her A-level choreography exams piece for her. She's been teaching them the dance for a month now and they have work so hard for her. The exam was Friday and although Nicki wasn't allowed in while the girls performed her dance she thinks it went well.
I did 3 the same but different, choosing the same papers but in the girls favourite colours. I was told they were chuffed. The papers I think are all Papermania, and the images are all painted with watercolours. Which is your favourite lol. I'm not sure I keep changing my mind. Have a brill day and I'm off to start looking at some of your sites hugs xx

Well it's been a hectic few days. I've been so busy. I'm wadrobe mistress for my girls dance show, and there are over 200 kids. And at the moment I'm trying to get sizes for every child. Every child needs at least one leotard. But most need a leotard and a catsuit, and each one needs trying on!!!!!! But the likes of my Nicki needs to try on 1 leotard, 1 catsuit, one classic tutu and one skirt tutu, plus other bits and bobs. So I'm very sorry if I'm a bit busy and don't get around to visiting you as much as I'd like, but until July 6th I'm going to have to miss some days. But promise I'll make it up to you all in the summer holidays. hugs xx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bright Anniversary

Thought I'd do a bright card for our friends anniversary, they are such sunny people. For this card I used-

Card - Papermania

Buttons - Quickutz die

Pennyblack stamp painted with watercolours.

Well I'm hoping for a better day today. I was happily making cards before going to work yesterday, when my Quickutz Revolution stopped working. Rang the shop where I got it ok bring it back and we'll see. It's now gone back to where they got it from so fingers crossed it won't take long to fix it. So boo hoo no machine. Then just as I was leaving for work, that dreaded phone call from the school. Had to take our Mandy to the hospital, turns out she badly sprained her ankle. 2 weeks no dance, not good as sorting out show work lol. She's gutted! But at least it's not broken. So I missed work and spent a lovely few hours at hospital. And today I'll have to explain to the kids at school where I was, I'll be asked at least 10 times just from Sean, as he will need me to repeat it, so he knows. That's why I don't have time off, it upset them too much.

Well I'm hoping for a brill day, I'm off to church this afternoon after work to listen to Mandy singing, she got a solo so should be good, but wrap up warm it's cold in the big church. I hope you all have a good day too and get loads of cards done. hugs xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

You've made my day award

I got this cute little award from Noleen Thank you Noleen, I'm as pleased as punch, it's a little award you give to people whose blogs you love to read. I read so many blogs on here so I'm going to pass it on to only 3 people who's cards always make me think wow!
I give the "You Make My Day Award" to:
Jo, who's fast becoming a new friend, Andrea, who's brill at leaving comments even when she has so many people leave comments on her fab work
and finally to Vanessa who is my bestest crafting friend and who got me started on this blog thing lol. Your the best and wish we lived closer. big hugs xx ps would of like to give the award to everyone, but sometime you have to choose.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Birthday card for 2 children at work

Well back to work for me today, and I did miss the kids. They were all few of smiles and trying to tell us how many eggs they had. But they weren't that full as they all ate their dinners.
At home things are going well with the tidy bedroom, but we've had to talk about when to get a kitten. Think I've talked Mandy in to waiting until the summer holidays. So then we will have more time with it. Plus the show is coming up in July and it won't be long until I have 100's of leotards and tutu being delievered ready to give out to the Mum's. So new kitten and expensive tutu's don't work, phew got out of that for the moment lol. Hope you've all had a good day happy crafting xx

This card is bright as Ellie doesn't see so well, and the butterflies are hinged in the middle so the wings raise, this is so Ellie can feel them. This was an Ismaki challenge. I used
Red card - Papermania
Paper - Magical moments- ring around the rosie
Wording - Quickutz Birthday shortkutz and Lemonade Alphabet
Penny Black stamp painted with watercolours and glitter glue on the butterflies
Butterflies - Quickutz bugs die

This was done for one of the children at work. For this card I used

Paper - Colorbok book

Wording - Quickutz and computer printed

Stamped image painted with watercolours

Monday, 24 March 2008

Pink Birthday

Good morning all, and I'm all confussed today. It's Monday and my lot are all still in bed. I nearly forgot to place my shopping order. Would of been waiting for it Wednesday lol. So now shopping is done and I'm hoping for a peaceful day. Mandy wants to go out and buy another puzzle. Steve's wants to go for a run, and I expect and hope we'll have our Natalie (Nicki's best friend and rock) round. We've been a bit silly and made a promise that I have a feeling we might have to keep. Steve has told the girls if they keep there bedroom tidy for 1 month, they can have a kitten. OOOOO it looks like a palace. Normaly you can't see the floor and I mean can't see the floor. Normaly clothes, dance bags, tap shoes, pointe shoes etc etc etc on it. But it's sparkling like a new pin. If this keeps up it will be worth a kitten lol. Well now for the card. I've done this for Natalie to give to another friend. She told me really pink and really girly, so this in it!
I used Ismaki Challenge 5 for the layout
Papers - All old papermania
Flower - Quickutz daisy and brad
Wording - Quickutz lemonade alphabet
Party Tilda painted with watercolour paints then pink glitter added to her wings and gold glitter to the stars.
I hope she likes it. Have a real good extra day off, enjoy. Only 9 school days left before half term for some of us. hugs xx

Sunday, 23 March 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged
I've been tagged by Noleen The rules of the game are:. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. From the age of 9 I was brought up by my wonderful 64 year old Dad, best years of my life.

2. Spent 51 1/2 hours in labour with my second and last child!!!!!!!!

3. When I was about 11, my Dad brought me a handknitted striped polo neck jumper. Which had a bright red collar and ribs. I hated it, but wore it cos Dad loved it.

4. I'm tonedeaf (really I've had tests) and don't know my left from right. Which wasn't really any good when I tried tap dancing lessons at 36 ha ha

5. I used to hate my husband when we were 14/15 and he dated my best mate. After 2 years of not seeing each other we got engaged when I was 17, married at 19, first child at 23, second at 30. And still going strong.

6. I love singing, (but remember I'm tonedeaf) and I sing along to everything, even if I don't know the words I just make them up lol. OOOOO and love people in cars watching me singing along to the radio. They always laugh!

7. The reason my blog is called Jus Cos Cards is it was something my darling Dad always said to me. It means Jus cos I Love you. So it's in memory of Jack Slack!

Sorry could only tag 6 people, haven't been round long enough for more people to know me saddo lol. I'm tagging -
Vanessa -, Andrea,
Deb, Jo, Natalie and Anita
have fun Vicki May x

Happy Easter Sunday

Good day to you all and I hope you are having a wonderful Easter. The easter bunny has been to our house already although I don't except the girls will be up until this afternoon to see what he's brought. And I don't expect much of my coconut chicken will be eaten for tea lol. While my husbands goes for his run today I'm hoping to do another card or maybe 2 have a long long list to do, but might cheat and use the same layout. The card below is for someone in the family who's just found out they are expecting. It's only early days, but we're all sooooo excited. This is a Ismaki Challenge 10, it's not as to the sketch as it should be. I'm not sure if that's allowed but I did enjoy doing it.
I used Papers- Princess words (Disney)
Boys words
Dots (papermania)
Card- Papermill
Ribbons- Fabricland
Letters and Nappy Pins- Quickutz
Party Edwin- painted with watercolour paints, then with added glitter glue on his wings and normal glitter on the stars.

This is my little one Mandy. Who has just finished doing this 1000 piece Dr Who puzzle, she loves Dr Who and this puzzle is now going on her bedroom wall next to her Dr Who collection. I think well done princess, it's taken you weeks to do, but you've done it!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

I've won an award

I received this award from Noleen thanks so much Noleen. The "Arte Y Pico" (Art and More) award is given to bloggers who share their art and creativity making their contribution to the blogging world.
The rules!
1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what their language.
2)Each award has to have the name of the author plus a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3)Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4)Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte Y Pico"blog, so everyone will know the origin of the award.
5) To show these rules.
Now its my turn to give this award and its really hard as i don’t know who to pick. I haven’t been around long in the blogging world so haven’t looked at many blogs. And I although I wanted to give an award to everyone on my list, most have the award already. But I have chosen Vanessa - Andrea - Deb - Flossie - and Beatrix
Luv and hugs Vicki May xx

Kelly and Sean's wedding

Some of the invites

Place names

Favour Tags

Hello all, well here we are on Easter Saturday. And I'm hoping to have a day creating. I didn't get chance yesterday as I had to finish some place names and tags for favour bags. So I thought you might like to see. This is the 4th Wedding I've done now. I love doing them, but it's a shame you can't choose what they have lol. For Kelly and Sean's wedding I did over 100 invites, 60 place names and 60 tags, for the favour bags. The wine glasses, hearts, horseshoes and tags were cut out on my Quickutz Revolution. And the wording was printed from my computer. The wine colour card with wording on was on raised pads.

Well I hope you all have a good day and like me get some cards done. I'm going to have another go at a ismaki challenge, so fingers crossed. Thanks for visting me today take care xx

Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter

Well a very Happy Good Friday. I hope you're all going to have a good day. I'm hoping to spend time crafting. I have an important card to do for someone in the family who just found out they are having a baby. I'm very excited as it's the first one my side of the family so will get to see the baby loads. Might even get to babysit lol.

I had a lovely day yesterday visiting another school, and then was up very late (1am) at a costume meeting for a show my girls are doing. Going to be busy making costumes soon, so will need to get as much card making in as possible. Also have loads of costumes lists to type and print up for the Mums.

The card above is the one and only Easter card I made for Vanessa. I'm hoping it has arrived at hers now. I'm afraid I haven't got any details on the stuff I used as it was made ages ago, pre blog. I'm now very sad and have a special book at my side and write down as I'm crafting. Again it's another glitter paper and I finished the flowers with glitter too.

So to you all I hope you have a fab day and if like me you're having fish and chips and hot cross buns, for tea enjoy lol xx

Happy Birthday

Well I enjoyed this one, had more time to fiddle lol. Made it for my sister in law. The picture doesn't show up that the paper is glitter paper.
I used:-
Blue and red card - Papermania
Flower paper - DCWV Star Posies
Stamped image - painted with watercolour paints
Hearts - Quickutz and finished with cream ribbon.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Magical Birthday

Well funny old day yesterday. Of course Nicki did really well and enjoyed every minute at Uni. Now it put it to the back of our minds until the letter drops on the mat and we see if she's been offered a place.
Did this card for a little boy at work yesterday. I'm afraid I don't have the details of the papers I used as I've had them for ages. But I painted the Edwin, then added glitter glue to his robes which made them look sparkley, which doesn't really show up on the picture. Then I put silver glitter on the stars on his hat and gold glitter on his wand. Then just added a few stars on the background. A simple card, but he loved it.
Well I'm off to work in an infants school today, so that will be different. I'm hoping to get some cards done for birthday at my school, when I get back on Tuesday.
Hope you all have a good day. And Thanks for looking at my blog. xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The best easter card

Well what can I say, I can't compete with this card. This was given to me from starfish class. They are very good to us in the kitchen. I think they know who to butter up lol. We also got eggs, how lucky am I. Told you I had the best job. The other picture is the writting inside the card. This is how a lot of our children communicate. So I'm a happy bunny this afternoon, hope you're having a good day too xx

No cards yet?

Hello all, Well it's a funny old day for me. I have what my husband calls my worry belly on. My Nicola is off to Uni today for an interview and audtion. I can't believe it, never thought I'd have a child that would go to Uni. I went to college, but only to do "O" levels, do you remember them lol. And to be honest I was never that clever. I have huge butterflies, and I'm feeling sick. Will she get there ok, will she like it, will her interview go ok. Will her dance go ok, and on and on it goes. OOOO it's worse than being there yourself. So I will be on tender hooks all day, waiting for the texts to come, saying I'm here, I enjoying it etc.
It will also be a funny old day at work. As you might know I work in a special needs school. And because it's a short week the children will be out of routine, so that will mean a noisy time ahead, as they get stressed, excited and loud bless them.
So no cards as yet today, just thought I'd put on a poster I made up for my wallpaper on the computer. It's such a true saying, so if you have the chance today give one of your friends a hug, just because most of us couldn't make it without our friends. And I'm sending you all a big smile and hug, enjoy your day xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ismak challenge

Well good afternoon, I thought I'd have a go at a challenge. Didn't add the curly bit in the corner, but other than that it's the same . I used for the background paper Romani Harlow (Basic grey). The dot paper in Fleur de lys blue metallic (Papermania). The blue card is from The Paper Mill. Behind Edwin in Blue vintage foil (Papermania DS) Then the Edwin was one stamped by Vanessa, and then painted by me with Reeves watercolours, then finish off with Papermania rub on transfer on his t-shirt and Ian's name on the bottom. This was made for one of the boys at school, I enjoyed doing the challenge think I shall have to some more. Thanks for looking enjoy the rest of the day xxxx

A little something to keep me going

Good morning everyone, and especially my bestest friend Vanessa. I came dashing home from work yesterday hoping to see comments on my blog. But didn't even get to the computer. There on the mat a big envelope with all these stamped images. I was so pleased. There's enough to keep me going for ages. Thank you soooooooo much Vanessa, don't know what I'd do without you. I'm going to have sooo much fun painting and making cards with all these.
I'm hoping to get a couple of cards done today. Need to get Ian's and Daddy's (little boy's name) done for school as children have day off on Thursday too. And their birthdays are over the long weekend.
I did get on the computer last night and bet you can all remember how you felt when you saw your first comments, or does it feel like that all the time? I was so excited, even if one was from my daughter, who I'd asked to put on comment in case no-one looked lol. How sad am I. Well have a great day and happy crafting everyone. xx

Monday, 17 March 2008

Birthday card for Simon

Two posts in one day, think I'm on a roll . I've done this card for a good friend. I've done in in Pompey (our local fc) blues. Don't think he'll notice I done it with his team in mind, but if I'd done it in Southampton Colours he would have been miffed lol. The background paper is Sweet Summer Stitched (Bo-bunny press). The I've used Papermania card in light blue, turquoise, black and white. I put Papermania buttons on Ribbon that I got off the shoulder hang ups from my daughter's new dress. I'm never a one to waste a thing ha ha. I did the Happy Birthday background paper on the computer and printed it off. Then added saying with Quickutz Lemonade alphabet and a Quickutz football. Then it was a quick cut of matching paper for the envelope and that's that.
Off to do somemore cards. And to take a picture of all the stamped images that Vanessa sent me. I'll post the picture tomorrow, take care everyone, have a good rest of the day bye xx

One I made earier

Well good morning, here goes for my daily blog. I'm afraid I didn't get chance to make any cards yesterday. Think I used all my time trying to get blog up and running. But I made this card on Saturday, so hopefully that's ok. I made it for my sister. Now I have to tell you what I used Papermania Pink Flush and the other paper is in the same range, but sorry don't know the name. I printed off the wording and mounted them on pink card. The magnolia stamped imaged is one I brought off ebay (I can't stamp for toffee, so buy my images). Which I painted myself. Then to finish it off I just rounded off the corners. I did a matching envelope.
Today I have a list of cards to get on with so hopefully after doing my weekly shop online I will be able to start before going to work, then home to finish. Have a brill day everyone, hope you all get time to craft. xx

Sunday, 16 March 2008


Well I'm here at last. Hello to everyone and thank you for visiting me. This is my second go at starting a blog, so I'm hoping this time it will work. I will try and add to my blog daily and also look forward to visiting some of you. Of course I will continue to add comments to my bestest crafting friend Vanessa's (Nessy's notes) blog. Because she's the reason for me starting my own blog. Thanks Vanessa. So bye for now, and keep visiting to see some more of my cards
Vicki May