Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Jars I made for teachers

Happy Tuesday everyone, oooo wasn't the rain heavy, but ooo so needed. Jazz (our new kitten) was totally confused and was not impressed. I'm feeling a little sore today. I took Mandy for a walk along the shore line. We had a lovely little picnic and watched the mullet swimming in the shallow waters. But silly me I forgot to put cream on myself so now sunburnt shoulders.

Well I've finally got round to putting the photo's of the jars I made for the teachers on the computer. These were given to 11 teachers as leaving presents. Each one was different and they can eat the sweets then use jars for pens etc. As you can see I used all sorts to decorate them, including gems, ribbons, quickutz etc. They were fun to make and the teachers loved them.
Enjoy the cooler weather and please remember to put on that cream.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Cup cake challenge 26

Good afternoon everyone, thanks for popping by on the beautiful warm sunny day. Doesn't it make you feel good when the sun is shinning and you have no work. We've finally come to the end of are manic time. End of July always madness here, what with school things going on. Then the 2 girls and the birthdays and of course our Anniversary. So now I'm hoping to settle down and do crafting everyday. My plan is to get ahead with all my birthday cards. Was thinking I'll work on the next months cards. With school this will be handy as will cover the holidays without rushing. So that the plan. Also in the school holidays I plan to make my best friend a scrapbook for her 4oth birthday present, so anyone with some helpful sites I welcome any help. Vanessa has already given some address so thanks Vanessa.

These 2 cards for the Cup cake challenge 26 http://www.tayloredexpressions.blogspot.com/ A great sketch and I enjoyed doing 2 different cards with it. Both cards have used papers from my stash, which I'm trying to make smaller lol (so many papers I have) For the Christmas card I've used Edwin with his sack painted with watercolours. Added Quickutz phases and then added 3 gems. For the birthday card I've used this cute dog image that Linda gave me, then added 3 buttons with ribbons and finally adding Best Birthday Wishes.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Beautiful cards from friends

The card my Mandy made for our Anniversary

Mandy's card from Vanessa

Mandy's card from Linda

Our anniversary card from Vanessa

Our anniversary card from Linda

Nicki's card from Linda, it doesn't show up very well as it's done with silver and black and pink ribbons

Outside of Nicki's 18th birthday card from Vanessa

Inside of the card Vanessa made for Nicki's 18th Well it's been a hectic few days and I'm only just catching my breath. I've had no time to craft or get on the computer. But a lot of fun has been had and loads of lovely food consumed! Really must start that diet tomorrow lol. If any of you haven't seen Mama Mia I say GO it's a brill film with laughter from the whole cinema. Julie Walters and crew are sooooo funny. Well worth a watch and one I'll be getting when it comes out on DVD.
So today's posting is to show you the beautiful cards that myself, Nicki and Mandy got from very crafting friends. The one at the top is one my Mandy made for Steve and I which I think shows she's catching up with me fast infact I think she's there. The cards are made by my bestest crafting friend Vanessa http://www.nessysnotes.blogspot.com/ and Linda http://linda-wright.blogspot.com/ as you can see they both do the most amazing cards.
I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. I know that Mandy is she off with her Dad blackberry picking so I can make a crumble for pudding, hence the diet starts tomorrow lol. big hugs to you all vicki oxo's

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Happy Anniversary my Steve

Well it's been a long and busy week and now for the fun part. I've finished work for the summer holidays and today's my Anniversary, plus my Nicki's home later today. Then tomorrow my Mandy is going to be 11. So I'm doing a quick posting while my Steve has taken Mandy for a bit of fresh air, nothing to do with going to pick up my flowers lol.
This is the quick card I did for Steve. I'm afraid I was so busy trying to make sure all the kids at school had birthday cards for the holidays I left Steve's to the last minute. I did a double fronted card. For this I used paper from a QVC kit and added Tilda tree which I painted with watercolours, then added our initials (bless lol) I added chocolates and saying, cos Steve knows how much I love chocolate lol. Then on other edge I added Tilda with basket of hearts and Anniversary note. Inside I put this poem that I found
Our anniversary makes me love you more than ever
You're such a wonderful husband and not a day goes by when I don't think of what it means to be sharing life with you
I wish I had the words to tell you how thankful I am for your love and tenderness
All I can do is keep loving you with all my heart the way I do every single day.
Soft I know, but after 22 years I think he deserves lovely words. So that's me for today. I'm off to enjoy family time and then once Steve is back to work Monday the real crafting begins hooray. Enjoy this beautiful sunshine big hugs Vicki oxo's

Monday, 21 July 2008

???? Challenge

Well I've done this card from a challenge, but I can't find out which blog it was from. It was from a sketch that I did the challenge from, but oooo I've looked this morning and I can't find out where it's from. So if anyone knows can you let me know lol. Sorry this was another CRAFT moment for me. (Can't Remember A Flipping Thing).
I did this for a friend of Mandy's. I used paper from a kit from QVC, then added Tilda painted with watercolours. Then added ribbon and stamped my friend on. Finally adding gem and buttons.
Well it's going to be a hectic but fun week. I have finally finished all the jars for the teachers at school. And Mandy will be giving them out today. I've got 3 cards to get done for children at school who's birthdays are in the holidays. ooo and I must do an anniversary card for my husband. But it's only 2 days for Mandy at school. 3 for me. Then on Thursday it's my Anniversary and my Nicki is coming home. God I've missed her so much, and it doesn't help when she texts and says she having a great time, but she misses home so much. So I'm looking forward to getting her home, but not the washing I know she'll bring back. Then on Friday it's our Mandy's birthday. 11 where do the years go? And on Friday we're off as a family to watch Mama Mia and then lunch out. 2 of Steve's sisters are coming too. Cindy who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and Ali who's come over from Oz to help her sister for a few weeks. She arrived Thursday and we've been having so much fun. Amazing how much you can laugh about wigs and the downfalls of treatment. But it's just what Cindy needed and we having a blast. Times like this when you really know what family means. So that's part of my busy week, and I hope I'll get round to visiting some of you too. Have a good week and enjoy the sun, it looks like it's here for a while (I hope) hugs for now oxo's Vicki

Thursday, 17 July 2008

ABC challenge 3

Well a great challenge for the ABC challengehttp://abc-challenge.blogspot.com/ this week. It's C for charms this week so for this card I added 2 charms. This card is for my Mandy's birthday next week. I've used paper from a kit I got from QVC I've added beads on elastic along one side and the a matching ribbon the other side. I then added stamped image that Vanessa printed for me. I painted with watercolours and added glitter glue to the stars and on the tutu skirt I added normal glitter. Also I just rubbed some pink chalk over the background to take a bit of the whiteness away. The letter are Quickutz, finally adding the pink heart charm and then a princess crown charm.

Well a week today will be my 22 wedding anniversary and the best bit my Nicki will be arriving home. I've missed her so much, plus it will be the first day of my summer holidays. I have so much crafting planned for the holidays I hope I get enough time to do it all lol. Have a good day everyone, big hugs vicki oxo's

From Linda

Well I'm having a week of it, we all know what it's like the end of the summer term. And it's even worse when they are leaving to go to another school. There hasn't been a day or an evening free. I think I've seen/heard Amanda more this week than ever. So I've had no time to craft and I still have the teachers presents to sort! So while I'm having my hectic week can you image how chuffed I was to come home yesterday to a lovely parcel from Linda http://linda-wright.blogspot.com/. Inside was the card above, which is so lovely, she can see from my scanned in picture, but the piece on the top with the ribbon and buttons is on raised pads and it looks so effective. Something I will be doing for sure. Then there is glitter on the middle of the flower and the little feet have a clear gel on them to make them stand out. Not only did I get this beautiful card I also got loads of stamped images plus 3 other cards (not opened yet). One for my Nicki's birthday, one for our wedding anniversary and one for Mandy's birthday. And all this has been fitted in while Linda is trying to sort out packing for a holiday. So thank you once again Linda.

So no posting of my cards yet, but I'm busy doing the ABC challenge, hopefully finish that today, happy crafting and enjoy those concerts if you're going to loads like me. Just answer me one question, why does my little child always get to stand behind the tall child!!!!!!!! hugs Vicki oxo's

Monday, 14 July 2008

Friday Sketchers 10 and Jazz

So another great sketch from Friday Sketchers http://fridaysketchersblog.blogspot.com/ I've done this card for one of our lads from sixth form. He's the same age to the day as my Nicki and such a lovely lad. I've done it with just colours as I thought that was best for Nick. I've used papers from my stash and tried to stamp Happy on the circle. It was ok but had to try 3 times before it came out ok. That's why I don't stamp. I then added Nick's name with Quickutz letters and finally added 3 gems.

I'm at home all day today, so hopefully a day to craft. My Mandy was up in the night being sick. She was crying because she wanted to go to school today, but as I type at 10am she's on the sofa fast asleep. I've been busy doing my jars for the teachers all weekend I'm 6 down and 6 to go. Now all I need to think about is which sweets to put inside. Hope all your little and big ones aren't coming down with this bug. I know poor Vanessa is not feeling 100% with a cough, I think it's all this bad weather, where's the sun gone. Hopefully saving itself for the summer holidays. Happy crafting everyone big hugs Vicki oxo's

oooo just managed to get a photo of Jazz our new kitten so here he is still for one second, he looks big but he's tiny. He's 11 weeks old now.

Linda's Blog Candy

oooo more blog candy this time from Linda http://linda-wright.blogspot.com/ and it's such a great candy. Plus if you add a link you'll get to see some of the brill cards Linda has done. She's really good I've added her to my favourite blogs now so go on have a look and post a link too. Happy crafting Vicki oxo's

Maria's blog Candy

ooo even more blog candy up for grab. And another one that has loads of goodies. Plus has some beautiful cards too, well worth a look just for the cards. I know I'll be back. It's Maria for this blog candy http://mariascards.blogspot.com/ good luck everyone hugs Vicki oxo's

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Andrea's blog Candy

Well feeling a bit down in the dumps today. It's my Nicki's 18th and of course she isn't here. She's having a whale of a time in Spain. I keep crying I know silly, but first birthday apart and I always go so over the top with birthday, always loads of balloons and banners etc etc. And it being a big birthday too. She rang this morning to say hi and wish Mandy good luck for her grade 3 flute exam. And both of us ended up in tears. She really is having a great time, but is missing me too bless. Only another 12 sleeps and she's home.
But I did get a smile on my face when I saw the great blog candy that Andrea has http://andreabrownjohn.blogspot.com/ go on have a look, plus look at her cards they are always amazing. This is one of my favourite blog for sure.
Have a good evening and hopefully I'll be up to crafting tomorrow. big hugs Vicki oxo's

Friday, 11 July 2008

ABC challenge 1 and 2

Well I found this challenge on Linda's blog http://linda-wright.blogspot.com/ have a look at her cards they are lovely. So onto the challenge, this is a new challenge http://abc-challenge.blogspot.com/ and they are only on B so I thought I'd do both A and B. A was for Animal so did Georgia card with this lovely image that Vanessa gave me. The colours have scanned in funny, the card was lighter and the painting brighter, not sure what is going on with scanner. For this I used paper from my stash and painted image with watercolours then I added flowers on the plain pink card and finally a bit of glitter on the wings. B was for baby, and because I don't have any baby's to do a card for I thought I could get away with doing a card for one of our babies at school. Olivia will be 3 so still so little hope this counts. Again I used paper from my stash then added Tilda painted with watercolours then Birthday girl stamp. Finally adding names with Quickutz letters. Couldn't put too many bits on any of them as both girls will put them in their mouths so safety first.

Well my Nicki arrived yesterday lunch time and I got a text to say arrived safely it's really hot and sunny, oooooo yes Nicki it's Spain darling lol. She can be a bit blonde sometimes lol. Mandy is not missing her at all, think she's enjoying having time with us on her own and the bedroom to herself. I hope it's not raining with you, I wanted to put the washing out but skies here are black. Is this really July? Hope the sun starts shinning when the school holiday begin in 2 weeks. Whatever you're going enjoy your day big hugs Vicki oxo's

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Missing Nicki

Well my Nicki went on holiday yesterday, and I can't say how much I'm missing her. We both did the whole crying bit when she went. I was trying so hard not to cry, but she started and that was me gone lol. Silly really, but I'm very lucky and we're really close. So it's peaceful here with no rows between sisters, but Jazz the kitten is still Trouble when he's awake lol. So much mischief is something so small, but he's so cute he's getting away with it. When you tell him off he purrs at you bless him.

So with Nicki away I'm going to start getting on with all the cards and things I need to do before the summer holidays. Need all the children at school who have birthdays in the holiday to have a card. So I've started with 2 of the boys. Using the same challenge. It's a new challenge blog, that I found through Andrea. It's Stamp with Sarah Kay Challenge. This is challenge one and challenge 2 has just been posted so I thought start with one then do 2 tomorrow. http://stampwithsarahkay.blogspot.com/ She has some beautiful cards on there.

For these cards I used papers from my stash both images are painted with watercolours. I then added fish on Jamie's card which I got from the Early Learning Centre and Stars on Karl's card. I always put the names on the cards as the kids love it when they have their names on. . So that's today's crafting. I hope you are all having good crafting day big hugs for now Vicki oxo's

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Ismaki challenge 27

Well I loved this challenge I was looking for a good layout for my Daughter's 18th card and this was prefect. This is the Ismaki challenge 27 http://ismaki.wordpress.com/ I used papers from papermania's creative tones, Raspberry champagne, then some lace paper from my stash. I added images printed for me from Vanessa, which I painted with watercolours. I've added some red gems on the cushion and dark red ribbon . I made tag and added quickutz lemonade letters, then added ribbon and a brad with back cut off. Inside I have made a little book with a poem and next to each verse a picture of Nicki as she's grown up. The poem is

We look at you today and see the same beautiful eyes that looked at us with love when you were a baby.
We look at you today and see the same beautiful mouth that made us cry when you first smiled at us when you were a baby.
It was not long ago that we helf you in our arms long after you fell asleep and we just kept rocking you all night long.
We look at you today and see our beautiful daughter no longer a baby but a beautiful person with a full range of emotions and feelings and ideas and goals.
Every day is exciting as we continue to watch you grow and we want you to always know that we are so proud of the woman you've become.
We love you every minute of every day we love being your parents.
Congratulations on your 18th birthday. Wish you were here to give you a big birthday hug. Have a great day Angel.

It isn't her birthday till Saturday, but she's off today on holiday with her best friend Natalie and her family. They are off to Spain, it's the first time she been on a plane, and the longest she'll of been away from me. I'm dreading it, I've had tears, my little girl going away lol. But she's going to have the best time.
Well thanks for dropping by, hope the sun is shinning for at least some of you, it's pouring in Portsmouth. big hugs Vicki oxo's

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Friday Sketchers 9

Well I did have time to do one card yesterday, for a little one at school. For this card I used the Friday sketches challenge http://fridaysketchersblog.blogspot.com/ Although I've done a c6 card instead of a square. Another good sketch from them, why not give it a go. And let me know I'll leave you a comment.

Well the show was brill, all that hard work paid off and the kids had a fab time and all performed great. Now the real work has begun. We picked up cute little, timid, sleepy little Jazz our new kitten yesterday. Within a few hours he's turned our house upside down. How much trouble can one little thing get into???? He's already got stuck twice, jumped on top of the bird cage, this was at 2.30am. So poor Jack and us got the fright of ours lives. He likes watching the telly (when he can stay still long enough. He gets in all sort of trouble in an hour than peace is back while he sleeps for a couple of hours before trouble starts again!!! Trouble is when you tell him off he purrs at you and he's sooooo cute.
My oldest Nicki had all her hair cut off yesterday, she's had long hair and no fringe since she was 3. And now she has chin length hair and a fringe, I didn't like it at first, but I love it now.
Then yesterday my little Mandy had a trail day at her new senior school. She didn't have any of her friends going as they are all going to a different school. But when she came home she's made loads of friends and can't wait until tonight to see some again, when we go for talk and buy uniform. Don't think I'll have any worries in September. Well I'm hoping to get on with some crafting this morning before work, first a quick blog hop, hope you are all well and enjoying the summer we're not having!!!! big hugs Vicki oxo's

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

proud Mum moment

Well I've been going on and on about the show, as some of you know my girls will be doing a show at The Kings Theatre on Sunday. I thought you might like to see some photos of my girls in their Tutu's. My oldest one Nicki is on pointe in one and the I think I love these photos going to have them blown up and give to family as presents. Thanks for looking and excuse the Mum moment hugs vicki oxo's

I've got an award

I've been given an award from Vanessa http://www.nessysnotes.blogspot.com/ Thank you so much Vanessa, I'm chuffed. If you check out Vanessa's blog you'll see why she got this award from 2 people her crafting is beautiful. I have to pass the award on to 7 people, well Vanessa like you say there are so many brill blogs. So here are my awards, all of these blog I go to and think oooo my goodness how do they do it. Such beautiful crafting, they just know how to make everything look so finished, something I struggle with. So in no real order

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ismaki challenge 26

Well I do enjoy doing sketch challenges and Ismaki is one of my favourites. This week I've done a card for my youngest for the up coming show on Sunday. Now need to do one for my oldest. But will use another layout for her. So this is Ismaki challenge 26 http://ismaki.wordpress.com/ and I used papers from my stash. Painted the image with watercolours, and added glitter to her wings and some of the hearts on the paper. I then added Good luck from computer and finally added tira with heart gem, as they are wearing tira's on Sunday.

Have a lovely rest of the day, isn't this weather beautiful. hugs Vicki oxo's