Wednesday, 30 April 2008

No cards yesterday.

Well had one of those days yesterday, one step forward and two back lol. I did the Ismak challenge and put the card in the scanner, then thought that doesn't look right. Left the card on the side and went to work. When I came home I saw I'd forgotton to paint the picture. And for the life of me I couldn't see what I'd missed lol. I've lost it lol. So I'll finish that today. I was given loads of photos yesterday. I'm going to make a scrapbook for my best friends 40th. So if anyone has any scrapbook challenge site, so I can make each page different I would love to hear about them. Have a good day, hope you don't get caught in the rain, happy crafting hugs Vicki This card was for one of the lads at school. As you can see he's 14, he was really excited with the card, but his helper took it off him as he like to suck things lol. But it put a smile on his face.

I did this card for one of the girls at work. I didn't go over the top with details as I know I will be doing the Christening card, so want to do more on that one. I used Papercraft Inspirations papers. Painted the tilda bear with watercolour paints. This was a lot lighter but I think my copier makes all my cards a lot brighter.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Thank you to Vanessa and Noleen

Look what a surprise I got in the post on Saturday, when I came home from a long hard day at dance. All these goodies and the beautiful card were from Noleen, I was so chuffed, a big thank you Noleen, I don't know what to use first, the lovely papers or the stamps images or the flowers etc etc so much stuff, lucky girl aren't I. And another lovely surprise.

This beautiful card was given to my Mandy by Vanessa, she was really pleased, and she thought Vanessa had put the cat on just because she's wants a kitten for her birthday. Put a big smile on a little face, thank you Vanessa.

Niece's and sister in laws cards

So today is another busy day for me, but I'm hoping to nip to the craft shop for just some card lol. I wonder what else might fall in the basket. I need to do a card for one of the children at work and also my work mate has asked me to do a christening acceptance card for her. So that's me sorted for the day, hope you all get done what's on your to do lists, if anyone finishes early, do you fancy giving me a hand. I could do with someone making me lasagne for tea. I'll do the white sauce if you could do the mince I'll be chuffed thanks happy crafting hugs x Vicki x This is the other card I did yesterday and this one is to go with the Tilda basket of love card. So again I wanted one to be different. For this I used Paper and stamp that Vanessa gave me. Image painted with watercolours, then added wording with Quickutz Moxie alphabet.

I've done this card for my sister in law, it's to go with the Tilda blue card I did. So I wanted it to be very different. Must admit the 2 together look ok. For this card I used Paper mania double sided card for the coloured card, then added Penny Black stamped image painted in watercolours then added wording from Papermania rubons.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Hello all, well I wasn't around yesterday as it was another full day at dance, trying to get all the costumes sorted. Well I'm nearly there, only another 18 kids to catch and pin down for costumes fittings. But now costume lists have gone out and I'm now have Mums ringing me for info. All very well, but it's all written down lol. But not long until July now, and it will be over, and I won't know what to do with my free time, ooooo I've just remembered, I'm into cards lol.

So another quick card which I've done for my niece, who will be 22 at beginning of May. But she's away so need to pop the card over today. I used paper that I've had for years, added the tilda with basket of heart for the loads of love in a basket theme. Then printed wording on computer and finally added a couple of purple buttons with green elastic. Off to try and get another card done for her from the girls, Have a good day everyone, hope you haven't got thunder and lightening like us. hugs Vicki x

Friday, 25 April 2008

Sweet Sugar Challenge

For this card I did the Sweet Sugar Challenge I thought ooooo easy challenge to not use patterned paper, but no it wasn't, kept thinking oooo that would look nice, ooooo no it's patterned lol. But that's why it's called a challenge I guess. I used a mixture of card from The Paper Mill and Papermania. The pink is pearl card. I painted the Pennyblack stamp with watercolours, then added peel off stickers and stamped the with love.
No postings for me yesterday, was feeling rough, had a really back headache. So ended up going to bed after work to get rid of it. Mandy is getting there, and is back off to school today. She'll be taking it easy, and won't be going out at playtime. But with asthma, sometimes you just have to carry on. Her levels are still low, but she's ok taking things easy. So sorry if I haven't paid you a visit in a while, I'm trying to fit everything in. Happy day everyone, enjoy your crafting hugs x Vicki x

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

2 challenges yesterday

Well back to work for me today. My Mandy is still bad, and I can't get her levels up higher than 240, but my Nicki isn't in collage until 2, so she's going to look after Mandy while I'm at work. Then it will be a quick rush home to swap over. Steriods don't seem to be doing anything. But fingers crossed she'll be on the mend soon. Hope you are all ok and enjoying your crafting. I'm off to blog hop so you might get a comment and hello from me. Happy crafting today hugs Vicki x This challenge was the Paper Take Challenge This was a sketch challenge. My favourite kind of challenge and I love this layout. One I can see me using again and again. It makes it easy for putting on a name for work. So this week I have Ryan's birthday. Who is going to be 13, and has the most flirty eyes. In fact he has to have his wheelchair faced away from the kitchen as he spends his time flirty with us in the kitchen, instead of looking at his helper feeding him. When he comes into the dinning room. I always greet him with Hello Handsome, and he loves it lol. See we flirt too. For this card I used Paper which Vanessa (nessy's notes) gave me ages ago. Then card from The Paper Mill. Also the gold paper has silver glitter in it, but that doesn't show on the picture. Circle and letters cut with Vanessa's Squeeze, (still no word on my Revolution). Image painted with watercolour paints, and then Birthday boy stamped on circle.

And this challenge was the Tilda & Co Girly but blue challenge I don't think I could of got more blue lol. But it was good and I liked it. For this I used Papermania Dots, then the card was from The Paper mill, I painted the tilda with watercolours and finished off with blue glitter on the stars. Then added white ribbon and bow.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I've been tagged by Noleen

Thanks for the Tag Noleen, I like this one
I have 8 questions to answer.
1.If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play you? And why?
2. You have to spend a whole month on a desert island for charity and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks worth & your least favourite to spend the last two weeks with. Who would they be and why?
3. What are your three favourite crafting products?
4. If you could invent something to do anything what do you think it would be?
5. What are the last three books that you read?
6. QVC or Create & Craft?
7. Docrafts or Dovecraft or DCWV?
8. What is your claim to fame?

Good questions. So here goes.
1. Well it would have to be Audrey Hepburn, yes I know she's not here anymore, but who's going to make a movie on me lol. So why, do you have to ask, she's talented, and stunnly (is that a word) beautiful. All just like me lol I wish lol
2. Now this is hard, do I go for the handsome Robinson Green, to while away the hours, or someone like Stephen Fry, a very clever man, who I could learn a lot from. Now the least favourite is easy, Bonnie Langford, do I need to say why???????
3. My 3 favourite crafting things easy, my x-cut guillotine, my Quickutz, and all papers.
4. Now I think I would invent a machine to change time. Make my crafting hour last 5 hours and housework time last ooooo lets say 10mins. Now wouldn't that be heaven.
5. Books were Audrey Hepburn-An elegant sprit, written by her son and great read. The 6th Harry Potter book, have got the last one, but don't want to read it, don't want anyone else to die. And loads of cook books, just to feed the family.
6. Watch QVC sometimes, but more for ideas, too expensive. And I haven't heard of the other one.
7. ooooo that's two hard, but at a push it would be Dovecraft, DCWV then very close behind Do-crafts
8. I was on runaround with my school. With Mike Read, what a magical day Runarounddddddddd!

Of course who I tag is easy I tag the lady who started my blog and my bestest crafting friend Vanessa Have a look at her blog it's great. hugs oxo's

Cup cake challenge

For this card I thought I'd try a new challenge. So this one is Cup cake challenge 12 For this card I used a mixture of papermania paper and card and Daisy buckets, bloomin paislies. Then the Penny Black stamp was painted with watercolours and finally I added the ribbon. A fun challenge I enjoyed.

As for my Mandy, yes another chest infection. OOOO I was happy when the hospital lowered her inhalers, now I'm not so sure. Her peak flow levels are about 1/3 down, and she's on steriods and Amoxicillin. So another day off school. But hopefully back tomorrow. I'm lucky to have a very good welfare officer who can deal with Mandy's asthma really well, so she doesn't have to miss too much school. Plus I'm missing work now, wondering what the kids are doing lol.

I'm hoping to get some crafting done again this morning, while Mandy sleeps. So hopefully get on top of the fourth coming birthdays. Hope you all have a good day, hugs x Vicki x

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ismak challenge 16

I've used Ismak challenge 16 for this card. The four papers are from Paper Inspirations. I added saying from computer, then papermania rub on for the title. The stamped image is painted with watercolours, then finished with pink gem flowers. Another brill and fun challenge. Why not give it a go hopefully this is a link to the challenge and comments page. Have fun, hugs Vicki x

RIP Lloyd

Well no post yesterday and no visits. Saturday was a bad day. Very long story, but to cut it short. Had a policeman knock on the door, asking when I'd last seen my neighbour Lloyd. His wife was away and he hadn't gone to work. They found the door was bolted from the inside and poor Lloyd had gone to sleep forever. Bless him a lovely lovely man, who a couple of weeks ago saw snow for the first time. So yesterday, found out so much about his culture. There was a house full, of howling women, with the men outside. Sound dreadful, but it wasn't. Was told it's their way of getting the grief out. And to be honest it's better out than in. For any of us that have been in grief, us British hold it all in and keep up a stiff upper lip which isn't good for us. Then in the afternoon there was dancing and singing, sending his sprit up, although I didn't see, it sounded amazing. So it's rip Lloyd, such a fun filled man, who went too soon, bless him.
And now today, when I'm meant to be back at work. My Mandy is really ill with her asthma. She's been so well and when she went to the hospital 5 weeks ago, they put her inhalers down. As she was on loads for a little one. But looks like when we go for another hospital appointment next week they might put her back on the old ones again. So this morning I'm off to the doctors, might need steriods to pick her levels up. And a day indoors, which will be good as it's pouring with rain, and sooooo dark outside. And maybe I'll get some cards done.
So I hope you all have a good day, happy crafting and enjoy all the challenges this week. I look forward to seeing them hugs Vicki x

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Happy birthday Natalie

Hi all, I did find time to do a card for my Nicki to give to Natalie. My Nicki is the one in pink, girly but with jeans and hair wild. Natalie the taller one pretty girly, but not a pinky girl. They are sitting on ribbon, and the gems are pink hearts which doesn't show up on the picture. Nicki pick a really lovely verse to go inside and when she gave it to Nat she cried, bless her. Such a lovely girl and great friend to Nicki, we wouldn't know what to do without her.
Sorry if I haven't been to your blog, but I keep trying to blog hop, but the door bell keeps ringing and it's another child coming for costume fittings. I promise I will come soon. Why don't you leave me a nag comment and I'll remember to visit you lol. Hope you all have fun today, weather you are crafting or not big hugs x

This is another 2 costumes for the show, my favourite is the one with green on it. My Nicki is wearing this. It tights dyed on the arms and legs, they will be either emerald green, winsor purple, 0r cherry flame colour, then the zig-zags are whale net tights (much bigger than fish nets). Then it's jazz boots and knee pads and best of all a black tutu, they look fab, real grown up. And finished with a cool mask. I will post a picture of my Nicki in this costume once we have it all done.

The other costume is for the Ice Snow Queen and only 1 child is wearing this. You can just see that she has a fine floor length cape, which will be trimed with white and silver maraboo. Charlie who is the Queen will be on pointe. And the little dots you see will be sequins, ooooo don't fancy putting all those on. So that's more costumes done, still waiting for another 10 to come. So another busy time ahead. But I'm enjoying it.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Well good morning everyone, hope you're all good today. I'm feeling good today, as I went to a barn dance last night. OOOOO I did have a laugh, but I'm a bit sore today lol. I'm not very good, and I don't know my left from right so my Nicki gave me a sticker to place on my right hand. That caused a laugh in it's self, but at least I was going the right way. I also finished all the costume sheets I had which was 28. So all those are ready to go out to Mums on Monday. I'm still waiting for 10 costume pictures, so that I can add the details and info needed, but we're getting there hooray! With all the popping in and out of children coming for costume fittings, I didn't get any cards done yesterday, but I got up bright and early to do the above card for Natalie, my Nicki best friend, who is 18 tomorrow and who as I type is fast asleep in Mandy's bed lol. So this was quick quick. I'm hoping I will have time before she gets up, or when she goes home to do one for Nicki to give her. So fingers crossed I get the time. I hope you get time to craft too, and I can't wait to see your work hugs for now Vicki x

Thursday, 17 April 2008

What I've been up to!

Hello everyone, so I thought today I show you some of the costumes we've been working on. The drawings were done by Tracey, the thoughts and ideas are from Cathie and Caroline. My job is to put everything onto computer and type up all the instructions. These and just a very few of the costumes. The 2 at the top our for the ice ballet. They are a classic tutu, which is trimed with silver droplets and the dots on the skirt will be sequins, all sewn on one at a time. Then there a headdress of pearls, and of course their ballet tight and either ballet or pointe shoes. Lucky for the Mums (me included) the trim is in a strip to sew on. Both my girls are having this first one. The longer tutu is called a romantic tutu, and has the same to be put on it, but loads more sequins!

The costumes on the bottom are the sailors for Tap, the youngest 4 and 5 year old are wearing the skirts and all the other kids in the trousers. For the tapping all 200 pupils will at one point be on the stage at one time!!!!!!!!

The next costume is for the pirates, there is only about 13 pirates and my Nicki is one, I'm not looking forward to making this costume. I only started sewing costumes 2 years ago, when my normal lady stopped and I couldn't afford to get my costumes done, so borrow friends machine and got going. I'm not good, but it get by for a show costume.

And the last one on the right is for the Aqua ballet. The colours on this costume are beautiful, all shimmer blue, silvers and really pretty.

So thats some of what I've been doing and why I'm not doing many cards, today is another day spent on computer sorting more costumes and hopefully I might get a few more children turn up for fittings of leotards, catsuits and tutu etc etc.

Sorry if I haven't been to your blogs lately, I have tried, but I will be back to normal soon I hope lol. Happy crafting xxxx

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ismak challenge 15

For this card I've used the Ismak challenge 15. Another good sketch, I really enjoyed. I used Magical Moments Debbie's Dragonflies paper for background paper and little squares. Then printed message from computer onto lemon paper. Put ---- lines on with gel pen. Added papermania rub ons to the sqaures and Quickutz bug and flower. Finishing the flower with a pink heart gem. Then adding Happy Birthday stamp. And penny black stamped image(from Kirsty, ebay) painted by me in watercolours.

Well it was a busy day yesterday, like I knew it would be. Costume meeting went on all day, and thankfully only need to sort a couple of patterns now. My job today is to scan Tracey's sketch into the computer then type up instructions for Mums. And also do handy hints for preparing your child for doing a show, from which underwear to wear, and not to put chocolate, blackcurrant etc into pack lunches (not a good idea with costumes)! And so the list goes on, so much to remember so that each and every child has the best time ever.

So I hope you're all going to have a busy day, crafting enjoy and I look forward to visiting your blog to comment. hugs for today x

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is the card for my sister from my girls. It's to go with the one below. My sister loves to cook, and has her own catering business. She's not into cute stuff, but sure she won't mind a cute Tilda from the girls. I used Papercrafts inspiration papers. Tilda was painted with watercolours, then added quickutz knife and cake slice.
I'm not sure if I'll have time to craft today, as have a meeting for costumes again. Today it's to sort out all the costumes to be made by the Mum's so it will be sorting patterns, etc. Going to be a long day, but we're getting there. We're still waiting for Tutus to come for fittings, cor nearly 3 weeks we've been waiting!!!!!!!.
I hope you all out there, get time in normal boring life (washing, cooking, cleaning, oooo sorry for swearing lol), to craft. And look forward to seeing what you've done hugs for today x

Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Jo .thank you Jo for those who don't know her blog go have a look, great blog. this tag its the 7 random facts. I've done this one before, so another 7 different facts. Well here goes.....
1. I have a yellow budgie called Jack.
2. I love Emmerdale and Corrie, but hate Eastenders.
3. I stopped wearing trousers a year ago, wanted to be girly
4. I don't drink alcohol
5. I wake at 5ish every morning.
6. My Dad was 54 when I was born
7. My fit, 28inch waisted, runs for a hobby husband, had a pacemaker fitted last year.
So there you go. I won't be passing this on, as everyone I know has done it toooooo. So if anyone hasn't been tagged with this one. Let me know and I'll add you to this one with a link to your blog.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sister's Birthday card

Good morning everyone, well yesterday was one of those Mum days. When you spend the whole day running here, there and everywhere. We spent an hour in a specialist dance shop having new pointe shoes fitted for Nicki. Was amazed at how many different ones there were. And she now has a proper pair. She's been going through pointe shoes so fast, but now these ones surport her better so should (I hope) last. Then it was a 40 min drive home, but at least we can buy the next ones over the phone lol. Then it was a trip to the charity shop, to get Mandy some wasgij. She got 4 and was soooo chuffed, then back home to pick in the soaked washing, to do again. Then after a nice tea, sat down to watch Mr and Mrs, oooo did laugh, I love Philip and Fern.
And today, I'm hoping to get loads of card done, have a long list. The one above is for my Sister, and I used Papers - Papercrafts inspirations, Tags and letters - Quickutz, Ribbon - Fabricland, Gems - Syntego
Enjoy your day hugs x

Friday, 11 April 2008

Christmas Cards

Well thought it was time to get on with some Christmas cards. As you might already know I do cards for each of the children at school. Plus of course I have my own family and friends. So I really need to get on, each year since making cards I've ended up having to get brought cards for the girls to give out. So hopefully this will be the year I'm ahead of myself. I used the same layout for quickness. And then had loads of fun painting the Tilda and edwins. This is the first year I've used stamped images so my cards will be a bit different this year.
The girls and I are really enjoying our time off. Mandy is busy doing puzzle and has finished one 1000 piece already. We enjoy the time at home so much as in term time we're out with dance every night except Wednesday. So time at home to play and craft in lovely. Well wish you all a Happy Christmas lol. Have fun today hugs x Santa's little helper

Pink Christmas

Warm wishes

Magical Christmas

I'm ready where's the snow!

Big Thanks to Jo

This beautiful card is part of my swap from Jo. I also had some stamped images, papers, ribbons, gems, peel offs etc etc. So many things, thank you so much Jo.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Spring clean

Well didn't post yesterday. I spent most of the day sorting. I sorted all my craft stuff and was real good and ditched a load of stuff. Most of it from when I first started making cards. And all of it I wouldn't use now. So I now have tidy boxes and drawers. Don't think it will last long. And I did find loads of things that will now be used lol. I was like "ooooooo forgot I had that lol". So much stuff. Hope you all have good days, and maybe I'll start a spring cleaning bug. Go on you know it needs doing and you'll never know what you'll find. lol Did this card for my niece. It's just to send some love. Her sister is expecting a baby, and just wanted her to know that we love her. As it's all Laura at the moment. As we're all sooooooo excited about our first baby this side of the family.
I used Paper - paper craft insiprations
Edwin - painted with watercolours
Then added papermania rub ons and 3 buttons

Well it's here the photo of Vanessa and I, taken on Sunday. You'd never believe how much we laughed taking this photo. The reason we've sitting so tall is to try and hide big me lol. OOOOO we did have a great day, didn't we Vanessa? Hope we don't leave it so long till we see each other again.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Ismak challenge 14 + 13

Well I've had a go at the new Ismaki challenge and I could resist doing no. 13 again. I'm loving not have the rush and noise in the morning, getting the girls out the house for college and school. And although I'm missing the kids at work, I'm not missing the work lol. The sun is shinning and I'm now off to the town with the girls. Hope you're all having a good day too hugs x This card is for my Niece who's 19. For this card I've used the Ismaki challenge 14. I had to do the card a bit bigger to fit the stamped image in.
Paper - Dovecraft
Penny Black stamp - painted with watercolours
Make-up, bag and flowers - Quickutz
Ribbons - Fabricland.

Really love this layout (Ismaki challenge 13). For this card I used
Paper - Paper craft inspirations
Edwin - painted with watercolours + papermania rub ons
Football + game controll + letters and numbers - Quickutz

This card is for Sean at work, who loves to tease me, he calls me Carol, because I'm sooooo bad at remembering names. And he's tried for the 2 years I've know him to get me into football. He did leave our school, but found life outside difficult so is back, and I think it's because he missed our dinners lol.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Big Thanks to Vanessa and family

Well it's the first day of the end of winter term holiday, and it's been great to do a more detailed card. And thanks to a lovely day with Vanessa and family yesterday, when I also pick up loads of new stamped images. I had the tree and ladybird to add to my card. There will be a photo of Vanessa and me later, but have to wait for my daughter to get up and sort out my memory card. There would of been a photo on Vanessa's site, but after ages of us posing and trying to hide my fat, Vanessa didn't have a memory card in her camera lol. But it was worth the laugh, wasn't it Vanessa? Have a great day everyone hugs x

This card is for my niece's first wedding anniversary. I used Romani paper in the blue and green, Tilda and Edwin etc are painted with watercolours. Then I added clouds and the flowers, and peel off sticker. I even finished the tree with their initals.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow again!

Its stopped!

So were off to see Vanessa (Nessy's Notes) Woo!


Well good morning all, I'm gutted, was meant to be going to see Vanessa (nessy's notes) today. And it's snowing. We thought we'd give it a go, but got in the car and on the motorway we couldn't see a thing. So it was home again. Girls chuffed and are outside building a snowman and throwing snowballs at their Dad. So a special hello to Vanessa and boo hoo. Have a fun day in the snow everyone x

Thursday, 3 April 2008

2 cards for work, and 1 for Jo

Good afternoon all, well I've only one more day until end of term, and I can't wait. I'm hoping my holiday will be filled with crafting. I'm hoping to do some challenges. And get on top of birthdays in the month ahead. But at the moment the day I'm looking forward to the most is going to see Vanessa (Nessy notes). We became friends through Do crafts site and now she is one of my bestest friends. I have such good friends, including my bestest friend Kim, who I'm hoping to get together with in the holidays to get photos sorted for the scrapbook I'm going to make her. Like us girls know there nothing like a good friend, to share the happy and sad time with in your life and I'd be lost without mine. And it's lovely that through this blog I getting to know so many new friends, to you all thanks for visiting my blog hugs x For this card I used - Dovecraft Kids
Tilda painted with watercolours
Cake and Tag - Papermania rub ons

For this card I used Paper - Dovecraft
Edwin and Bench painted with watercolours
Tag and Dots on jumper - papermania rub on

For this card I used Paper - Magical moments - ring around the rosie
- Plain pink paper, with computer print
Ballerina painted with watercolours, with added glitter on the wings.
Then added the bows to finish

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ismak challenge 13

Loved doing this challenge. Even got the 3 flowers and 5 or more words on.
I used Papers - Bo-peek press lemondrop, Basicgrey Dragonfly and Caravan. Painted Tilda with watercolours and glitter glue on the wings, then added punched out flowers and mini gems on the centre. Think there might be some more of this sketch.
OOO news on bedroom, they lost a day, shhhhhh don't tell my husband, he said they had to go back to the beginning, but I thought that was mean. But Mandy cleared the mess in half an hour, so I only took 1 day off. Truth is I think I'm looking forward to getting a kitten too.
Hope you're all enjoying your day hugs x