Friday, 18 April 2008

Well good morning everyone, hope you're all good today. I'm feeling good today, as I went to a barn dance last night. OOOOO I did have a laugh, but I'm a bit sore today lol. I'm not very good, and I don't know my left from right so my Nicki gave me a sticker to place on my right hand. That caused a laugh in it's self, but at least I was going the right way. I also finished all the costume sheets I had which was 28. So all those are ready to go out to Mums on Monday. I'm still waiting for 10 costume pictures, so that I can add the details and info needed, but we're getting there hooray! With all the popping in and out of children coming for costume fittings, I didn't get any cards done yesterday, but I got up bright and early to do the above card for Natalie, my Nicki best friend, who is 18 tomorrow and who as I type is fast asleep in Mandy's bed lol. So this was quick quick. I'm hoping I will have time before she gets up, or when she goes home to do one for Nicki to give her. So fingers crossed I get the time. I hope you get time to craft too, and I can't wait to see your work hugs for now Vicki x


Debbie said...

Fab card I'm sure your daughters friend will love it

Andrea, said...

Fab card, I love the colours and the papers. Have a good weekend

nessy said...

gosh don`t those colours look fab together!!
fab card ~ideal!!
hugs vanessa xx

Noleen said...

Hi Vicki, im back in the land of blog. I see you've been busy making some fab cards. This card for your daughters friend is great im sure she'll love it... Love Nols xx

Lauren said...

Super cute - she is so sassy!

Anita Knits said...

Great card as usual.

Don't envy the mums doing all that sewing, maybe that's why I don't let mine do ballet - I'm a meanie!!
Look foward to seeing your costumes.