Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Jo http://fairymadjojo.blogspot.com/ .thank you Jo for those who don't know her blog go have a look, great blog. this tag its the 7 random facts. I've done this one before, so another 7 different facts. Well here goes.....
1. I have a yellow budgie called Jack.
2. I love Emmerdale and Corrie, but hate Eastenders.
3. I stopped wearing trousers a year ago, wanted to be girly
4. I don't drink alcohol
5. I wake at 5ish every morning.
6. My Dad was 54 when I was born
7. My fit, 28inch waisted, runs for a hobby husband, had a pacemaker fitted last year.
So there you go. I won't be passing this on, as everyone I know has done it toooooo. So if anyone hasn't been tagged with this one. Let me know and I'll add you to this one with a link to your blog.

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