Monday, 21 April 2008

RIP Lloyd

Well no post yesterday and no visits. Saturday was a bad day. Very long story, but to cut it short. Had a policeman knock on the door, asking when I'd last seen my neighbour Lloyd. His wife was away and he hadn't gone to work. They found the door was bolted from the inside and poor Lloyd had gone to sleep forever. Bless him a lovely lovely man, who a couple of weeks ago saw snow for the first time. So yesterday, found out so much about his culture. There was a house full, of howling women, with the men outside. Sound dreadful, but it wasn't. Was told it's their way of getting the grief out. And to be honest it's better out than in. For any of us that have been in grief, us British hold it all in and keep up a stiff upper lip which isn't good for us. Then in the afternoon there was dancing and singing, sending his sprit up, although I didn't see, it sounded amazing. So it's rip Lloyd, such a fun filled man, who went too soon, bless him.
And now today, when I'm meant to be back at work. My Mandy is really ill with her asthma. She's been so well and when she went to the hospital 5 weeks ago, they put her inhalers down. As she was on loads for a little one. But looks like when we go for another hospital appointment next week they might put her back on the old ones again. So this morning I'm off to the doctors, might need steriods to pick her levels up. And a day indoors, which will be good as it's pouring with rain, and sooooo dark outside. And maybe I'll get some cards done.
So I hope you all have a good day, happy crafting and enjoy all the challenges this week. I look forward to seeing them hugs Vicki x


megastamper said...

it´s a nice card with romantic colours.

Fanny said...

très douce dans les coloris..bravo!

Noleen said...

Awww sorry about your daughter hope she feels better soon... Noleen xx