Saturday, 19 April 2008

Happy birthday Natalie

Hi all, I did find time to do a card for my Nicki to give to Natalie. My Nicki is the one in pink, girly but with jeans and hair wild. Natalie the taller one pretty girly, but not a pinky girl. They are sitting on ribbon, and the gems are pink hearts which doesn't show up on the picture. Nicki pick a really lovely verse to go inside and when she gave it to Nat she cried, bless her. Such a lovely girl and great friend to Nicki, we wouldn't know what to do without her.
Sorry if I haven't been to your blog, but I keep trying to blog hop, but the door bell keeps ringing and it's another child coming for costume fittings. I promise I will come soon. Why don't you leave me a nag comment and I'll remember to visit you lol. Hope you all have fun today, weather you are crafting or not big hugs x

This is another 2 costumes for the show, my favourite is the one with green on it. My Nicki is wearing this. It tights dyed on the arms and legs, they will be either emerald green, winsor purple, 0r cherry flame colour, then the zig-zags are whale net tights (much bigger than fish nets). Then it's jazz boots and knee pads and best of all a black tutu, they look fab, real grown up. And finished with a cool mask. I will post a picture of my Nicki in this costume once we have it all done.

The other costume is for the Ice Snow Queen and only 1 child is wearing this. You can just see that she has a fine floor length cape, which will be trimed with white and silver maraboo. Charlie who is the Queen will be on pointe. And the little dots you see will be sequins, ooooo don't fancy putting all those on. So that's more costumes done, still waiting for another 10 to come. So another busy time ahead. But I'm enjoying it.


Anita Knits said...

Great Card Vicki, could you tell me what is the tag on the right hand side? who is made by?
Keep up with sewing.

fairymadjo said...

great card, love the outfits fab,

oh and nag nag nag lol

Debbie said...

fab card The outfits are pretty cool to

Andrea, said...

Fab card, I love how you have coloured the Tildas. Have a good weekend.

Noleen said...

another lovely card.. those dance costumes are great too cant wait to see the pics. Have a great weekend mine is v quiet hubby went to Donegal this morn despite the fact i was up all night being sick. Ah well i know his card number-lol- Hugs Noleen xx

nessy said...

love this card vicki!! i`m sure natalie really appreciates all you do for her!!
those costumes are stunning!!
vanessa xx
been thinking about you all,biggest hugs
vanessa xx