Sunday, 6 April 2008


Well good morning all, I'm gutted, was meant to be going to see Vanessa (nessy's notes) today. And it's snowing. We thought we'd give it a go, but got in the car and on the motorway we couldn't see a thing. So it was home again. Girls chuffed and are outside building a snowman and throwing snowballs at their Dad. So a special hello to Vanessa and boo hoo. Have a fun day in the snow everyone x


fairymadjo said...

ahhhhhhh what a shame, jo x

Deb said...

it looks great, what a super snowman, glad it stopped and you got to go in the end!

Viv said...

That's a great atmospheric picture Vicki.
Glad you finally made it. ;)
Love the snowman!
Viv xxx

Angie C said...

Wow, the snow looks great - we hardly got any and non settled.

Glad you were still able to get out

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my Ismaki card! I am English, living in France - it was great to see this photo - so ENGLISH! Although it was not so nice for you that day.