Wednesday, 19 March 2008

No cards yet?

Hello all, Well it's a funny old day for me. I have what my husband calls my worry belly on. My Nicola is off to Uni today for an interview and audtion. I can't believe it, never thought I'd have a child that would go to Uni. I went to college, but only to do "O" levels, do you remember them lol. And to be honest I was never that clever. I have huge butterflies, and I'm feeling sick. Will she get there ok, will she like it, will her interview go ok. Will her dance go ok, and on and on it goes. OOOO it's worse than being there yourself. So I will be on tender hooks all day, waiting for the texts to come, saying I'm here, I enjoying it etc.
It will also be a funny old day at work. As you might know I work in a special needs school. And because it's a short week the children will be out of routine, so that will mean a noisy time ahead, as they get stressed, excited and loud bless them.
So no cards as yet today, just thought I'd put on a poster I made up for my wallpaper on the computer. It's such a true saying, so if you have the chance today give one of your friends a hug, just because most of us couldn't make it without our friends. And I'm sending you all a big smile and hug, enjoy your day xx


nessy said...

thanks for the hug~ i`m sending you a very big hug back ~to my bestest friend!!000xxx000
thinking of you all today!!
extra hug for nicki
vanessa xx

Andrea, said...

Hi, I hope everything goes ok for your daughter today, she will love Uni. Paper piecing is when you stamp the image onto different papers and cut out different pieces, like I did with Edwins's jumper and trousers. You then stick these to the original image, it's a great technique and saves loads of colouring!!

megastamper said...

your card is really cute and so lovely .. wonderful.