Wednesday, 26 March 2008

You've made my day award

I got this cute little award from Noleen Thank you Noleen, I'm as pleased as punch, it's a little award you give to people whose blogs you love to read. I read so many blogs on here so I'm going to pass it on to only 3 people who's cards always make me think wow!
I give the "You Make My Day Award" to:
Jo, who's fast becoming a new friend, Andrea, who's brill at leaving comments even when she has so many people leave comments on her fab work
and finally to Vanessa who is my bestest crafting friend and who got me started on this blog thing lol. Your the best and wish we lived closer. big hugs xx ps would of like to give the award to everyone, but sometime you have to choose.


Andrea, said...

Oh thanks for the award, you've made my day.
Andrea x

nessy said...

thanks vicki - you have made my day!!! i promise (in black and white) i will sort my awards and tags today!!
so how are you?? are you still longing for your revolution machine -do you miss it?? wish we lived nearer -could have mine for a while (gosh did i say that??)
love to mandy
bestest crafty friend, vanessa xx

fairymadjo said...

alllllllll bless ya, this is so lovely not known you long , huggs jo x