Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Busy being Mum

Well all my plans in the summer holiday for crafting everyday! What happened? Well it's the girls, yes they sleep till late, but while they sleep I'm tidying and sorting out tea, washing etc etc. Then it's Mandy can you play games with me. So of course I'm playing all sorts, we've even been out and brought battleships and downfall to play. I'm loving spending time with my girls and all the other kids that end up at my place. But one of them seems to have put my crafting head somewhere. Cos I really can't get into crafting at all. The only thing I've been doing is these invites for my best mates birthday in November. And if I'm honest I wasn't really into them. I think that's because I printed off 100 wordings and cut to size then penciled line in both corners for the ribbon. Then put on double sided tape on about 97 before I noticed I'd not changed the phone number on the printing, that Kim had told me I'd done wrong!!!!!!!! lol. I can laugh now, but can you image lol. These invites were just want Kim wanted, I'd wanted to do something more, but she just wanted simple. So it's printed wording from the computer, with added old photo of Kim. Then added the purple ribbon, then the silver ribbon on top. Then stuck onto silver mirror card, and finally adding Quickutz 4 0's. So 100 altogether and I must admit they did look ok. For the tables on the night of the party I'm going to do cards the same with loads of old photo's of Kim. And Kim's making the cake with old photo's too.
Well I hope some of you are crafting away the summer holidays. I'm sorry if I haven't been online and blogging, but I bet you all understand. So happy holidays and may the sun shine at least some of the week please lol. big hugs to all Vicki oxo's


Sharon said...

I thought I was reading about myself for a minute lol!! I've only managed to do ordered cards & haven't taken part in may challenges & there was me thinking I'd have more time not less!!
Glad to see I'm not the only one.
Sharon :-)x

nessy said...

wow!! you have been busy bee!! hope kim is pleased with them ~well she should be!! so hows the scrapbook going ??? where is the holiday going?? ~all that craft time we thought we had!!
vanessa xx

Andrea, said...

Wow these are fab Vicki, you have been so busy. I'm having a week away this week so no crafting for me, but I just had to bring the laptop along!! Have a good week. Hope Jazz is behaving!

NattyK said...

Great job with the invites. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. x