Monday, 26 May 2008

An award

Well I'm so chuffed I've got an award from Vanessa my bestest crafting friend. I must admit she gave it too me an age ago, but I've been soooo busy I nearly forgot about it. I would like to give it back to Vanessa and all those of you that I visit and who visit my blog. I love looking and getting more ideas and wonder at the amazing cards you come up with. With all your help, my own cards are coming on slowly. Thank you all, and thanks for putting up with me later, when I've been so busy with costumes. Happy crafting Vicki oxo's


nessy said...

thankyou vicki!! when are we going to see more cards?? will have to do one on thursday!!
have a good day
hugs, vanessa xx

fairymadjo said...

well done on award, huggs jo x

Noleen said...

Im sorry i know you are busy but ive tagged you- again...Noleen xx