Saturday, 10 May 2008

Meet ---------- Bishop

Good morning everyone, I'm up sooooo early this morning, I just can't sleep. My head is full of 101 things. Like remember navy cotton, get more pins, take Jo's measurements, sort Millie's sequins etc etc etc lol. So I finally gave up trying to sleep at 4am.
So this little fellow is going to be the newest member to our family come 7th July. He/she (not sure yet) will be 2 weeks old on Sunday and is black with a white chin, paws and the very tip of it's tail Arrrrrrr! Mandy was made up yesterday and is sooooo happy. If you could of seen her little face. When the woman opened the door and we walked in she said oooo This is Mum, as the Mother cat walked by us. But as Mandy thought I was going to do a costume fitting, she told us later in the car, she thought what a strange name for a Cat lol. I then told her that we'd come to look at a kitten. Well come on you all know that look on a child face when they are sooooo pleased, excited, chuffed etc, ooooo it was priceless. The kitten will be ready to leave it's Mum at the end of June, but we've asked the lady to keep it until after the show, as with rehearsal etc we'll be out of the house loads. So the day after the show -------- Bishop will come home. So now for names we can't choose yet, but think we have a short list of Minstrels, Humbug, Spats (like the tap shoes) Jess (postman pat) Domino or maybe Jazz or Jazzy. Any ideas? If you can think of any good ideas I'd be grateful. Well have a great day, enjoy the sun again if it's out. Moon still out here lol. hugs for now Vicki oxo's


nessy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah what a sweety!! i`m sure mandy is so pleased !! what about nicki??? hope it`s a boy , then steve will not be out numbered!!(oh forgot the bird)LOL
will be thinking of some names ,get the boys onto that!!
hope you get all your jobs sorted today and get a good nights sleep!!
big hugs,vanessa xx

Jo said...

Oh, what a cutie! I'd choose the name yourself and not leave it to the kids because I let Sam name his own guinea pig and he called it Nobby!!

Andrea, said...

Oh what a sweetie, bet you can't wait until he/she can come to live with you. Good luck with choosing the name!! Have a good weekend and hope you get more sleep tonight.

My Paper World said...

Awww! What a cutie! xx

Amanda said...

aaaaaaaaaaah how cute my girls would love a kitten. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Looks like you are a busy person with all your rehearsals. How do you fit in card making!!